Easy Avocado Life Hack

De-pit an avocado in 3 seconds
Avocado Life Hack

Want to get the pesky avocado pit out of the way? Try this trick.

Avocados are delicious. From amazing breakfast meals to mouthwatering dips, they are an essential ingredient in dozens of dishes. However, they are not the easiest food to deal with. Not only are they tough to shop for, they are sort of tough to crack open. That is, unless you know this simple trick. If you want to learn how to quickly de-pit an avocado, follow these simple steps.

1. Cut the avocado open by inserting the knife on the side of the avocado and cutting all the way around it.

2. Pull the halves apart, with the pit firmly stuck in one half of the avocado.

3. Carefully take your knife and chop deep into the pit. You should do this with a quick, forceful swing of the knife.

4. Once the knife is in there, twist the knife and pit to the side.

5. Voilà! The pit should easily pop out. Now you can start enjoying your avocado without wasting a ton of time!


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