10 Things We Bet You Never Knew About Apples

Apples are one of the tastiest and most fascinating foods around

The apple is one of those perfect foods, beloved the world over. And with the weather starting to turn colder and apple season beginning to come full circle, we thought we’d drop some apple truth-bombs on you. The apple is one heck of a fruit, and there’s a lot we bet you don’t know about it.

10 Things We Bet You Never Knew About Apples (Slideshow)

Apples have been a beloved fruit for thousands of years, and during that time they’ve accomplished a lot, from being a religious and mythological symbol to getting countless people drunk. Botanists have been at work for millennia trying to breed crisper, sweeter fruit, and there are currently about 7,500 varieties out there, falling into three main categories: dessert apples, which are eaten fresh; cooking apples, which are tart and firm; and cider apples, which are tart and astringent but perfect for fermenting.

No fruit has worked its way into our daily lives quite as much as the apple. It’s the subject of plenty of wise maxims (An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, etc.); it plays a supporting role in the story of Adam and Eve, it covers more territory in the supermarket than any other fruit, and it’s captured the American imagination in a way few foods have. (We’re looking at you, apple pies cooling on the windowsill.)

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Whether we’re eating one out of hand as an afternoon snack, digging into a bowl of applesauce, baking an apple pie on a crisp autumn day, or enjoying a pint of crisp and refreshing cider (or a snifter of calvados), apples are an essential part of our everyday lives. Read on for 10 things we bet you didn’t know about the humble apple.