chicken soup

20 Quick Food Cures for Common Ailments

The fix for your pain has been in your pantry all along
chicken soup

Chicken soup could actually have healing powers to cure your cold - science says so

People have been trying to use food as medicine since the beginning of time. Some of these attempts are a bit misguided — for instance, pounding pints of Ben & Jerry’s is going to do some serious damage to your mood, not lighten it. But some others really work, providing a method of healing more trustworthy and natural than over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

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Colds, acne, indigestion, and more plague us day by day; often unwilling to take the trip to the drugstore to alleviate symptoms, we choose to just grin and bear it, waiting patiently for the discomfort to subside. And it sucks. But nature provides many natural solutions to these temporary problems in the form of delicious foods.


You know how coffee has a ton of health benefits? So does red wine. All types of food and drink possess nutrients that the body can use for good — to heal itself and relieve discomfort. Here are some foods and drinks that can alleviate annoying symptoms of common ailments.