The Ultimate BBQ — For Vegetarians

Beef isn’t essential for the tastiest of summer barbecues
Eggplant Burger


Tasty, juicy beef-free burgers aren't mythical.

For vegetarians, summer grilling season is rarely enjoyable. Most hosts forget that some guests may not be eating burgers and sausages. Others assume that the non-meat eaters will be happy to just eat the side dishes of potatoes and green salad. Others throw some corn on the grill for the vegetarians, but then forget the reason they’re cooking it, and start using the same tools and tongs to cook the corn and the marbled steaks. But there’s no reason for barbecues to be so vegetarian-unfriendly: These 13 recipes will show you why.

The Ultimate BBQ — For Vegetarians (Slideshow)

Substitute meat products are often disappointing: They have next to no flavor, the texture is strange, and they don’t even look appealing. Stop trying to swap your meat for non-meat-meat, and instead welcome vegetables, pulses, and fruits onto your grill — they’ll make a much tastier, much more enticing meal. Black bean burgers, eggplant hotdogs, and grilled corn tacos are some of the best grilled dishes — we promise you won’t even notice that the meat is missing.

If you’re a vegetarian, host your own barbecue party this summer, and impress your friends with how tasty and satisfying a meat-free grilled meal can be. If you’re not a vegetarian, try out some of these recipes instead of sticking to your standard carnivorous options. If you have vegetarian friends, they will be eternally grateful to be served something more than the standard green salad, cold potatoes, and maybe, if they’re lucky, some meat-contaminated grilled corn.

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These vegetarian dishes will cover everything you need for your barbecue. For the main dish try the halloumi and eggplant burger, or the grilled vegetarian kabobs, and serve them alongside a grilled peach and feta salad, sweet potatoes in a maple tahini dressing, and barbecued romaine heads: the tastiest, most satisfying of summer meal, which just happens to be meat-free, and made entirely on your hot grill.