25 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes Slideshow

25 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes

Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, traditional or modern, and no matter what your color scheme or theme happens to be, there's a wedding cake that will inspire you as you plan your own perfect cake. From a whimsical Alice in Wonderland cake to marbled wonders in hues of blue to 10-tiered gardens of white cake and sugar flowers, we have it all. So get ready to get inspired and feel some serious envy with these 25 jaw-dropping wedding cakes.

Alice in Wonderland

There's something very curious going on in this cake... If you're having a heavily-themed wedding — based perhaps on the classic Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland — you can wow your guests with fondant figurines and fun colors.

Black and White

Black may seem like a sad color to include on your wedding day, but this perfectly piped cake proves that when used correctly, it's dramatic and romantic in all the right ways.

Blinged Out

If jewels and silver are the name of your game, nothing beats this ostentatious cake. Draped, shimmering fondant and just the right amount of jewels help to make this cake literally shine.

Blue and Orange Ombré

Just the lightest touch of color in this cake's second layer draws the eye in. It's simple yet so pretty. Just a few orange and white flowers and a rustic cake stand complete this stunning centerpiece.

Blue Marble

Hand-painted cakes are an on-trend way to add color and uniqueness to your cake this year. The watercolor-inspired textures and lines on this blue-hued cake resemble a geode and are perfect for scientists in love.

Brushes of Pink and Blue

Light pink and blue may have been Pantone's colors of the year for 2016, but they remain a favorite into this year. This hand-painted cake embraces those hues with just the right amount of metallic shimmer at the top.

Cascading Roses

The pop of dark green leaves flowing down this differently textured white cake adds a stunning and necessary contrast to the fresh white flowers. The leaf motif in the topper pulls this cake all together.

Chromatic Flower

This brushed gray and dotted white cake is futuristic and fun as is, but the flowers flowing down the cake add another incredible element.

Classic Beauty

With a pressed paisley pattern between clean white layers, this wedding cake is the definition of old school elegance. A few flowers flowing down the cake help add texture and a bit of modernity.

Dots and Flowers

If you're looking for a cake that will stand the test of time, look no further than this one. The fresh flowers give this cake a bit of the couple's personality, while the quilted design on the layers makes it wonderfully traditional.

Feathered and Fabulous

When used in just the right way, white peacock feathers are a simple, monochromatic, and unique way to jazz up your wedding cake. Against the smooth upper layers and a scalloped bottom layer, the jewels and sugar flowers pop even more.

Garden of Cake

From famed baker Ron Ben Israel, this six-layer wedding cake has an entire garden's worth of sugar flowers between each perfectly smooth white circular cake layer. It's simple, fresh, and clean, with shades of white, light pink, and cream.

Gold and Green

Gold can seem a little matronly in the modern era, but this funky, textured cake is anything but. The merlot-colored flowers add even more bold contrast.

Gold Leaf

This cream and gold cake is the definition of old-school elegance. A big, bold jewel in the center of the bow draws your eye, but as you look at the beautiful detail work on the top three layers, you'll realize that every part of this cake is covered with stunning details.

Love Is in the Air

This cake is entitled "love is in the air," and we can see why. Subtle purple watercolor streaks are simply entrancing. Just three light purple flowers are perfectly placed, adding more eye candy.

Orb of Beauty

Yes. That hexagonal orb is made of sugar, as are the flowers inside it. This showstopping cake is futuristic and modern, with its painted gold bottom layer, but is inherently simple, making it fitting for any wedding.

Queen’s Castle

If there's one day in her life when a woman feels like absolute royalty, it's her wedding day. This white and gold cake proves just that with its Cinderella castle topper, which can fit with a subtle Disney theme. We also love the addition of a gold and diamond band on the third layer, mimicking an engagement ring.

Ruffled Ombré

A subtle ombré from cream to light brown makes this rustic wedding cake quietly amazing. The monogram as a wedding topper makes this cake so 2017, yet so timeless.

Rustic Rose

This beautiful boho-chic wedding cake uses real flowers and greenery to add a genuine natural element. The subtle lines in the icing add just the right amount of texture and rustic elegance.

Short and Sweet

Your wedding cake doesn't need to be towering to be jaw-dropping. This petit cake is so finely crafted, with delicate light pink sugar flowers and just the most subtle dotted piping, that you can't help but stare.

Spring Green

This floral cake blends modern trends and the staples of a classic wedding cake. Greenery is 2017's color of the year, and this cake uses it in all the right ways, balancing "nature's neutral" with creamy, traditional white flowers.

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows provide the most stunning visual feature in many churches. This wedding cake channels that classic motif with playful layers, metallic sheen, and just the right amount of fiery color.

Tall Wonder

Yes, you counted right — there are 10 layers in this sky-high wedding cake. And there's something in here for every guest: feathers, ruffles, monograms, satin, and pipework. But in the end, these disparate elements all work flawlessly together.

White Florals

Don't let anyone tell you that an all-white wedding is boring. This beautiful cake features sugar flowers and piped rosettes. The subtle differences in texture between its two white layers make this the pure definition of pretty.

Wine Crates

No, that's not a stack of wooden wine crates... that's a four-tiered wedding cake. The topsy-turvy stacked cakes and overflowing grapes and flowers make this cake playful and totally mind-blowing.

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