20 Tips For Buying The Perfect Wedding Cake

If there's one signature food that needs to be served at every single wedding, it's the cake. Whether it's a naked cake, a four-tied, flowery masterpiece, or a pile of cupcakes, no wedding is complete without this stunning dessert.

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And while you can DIY your wedding cake, it's one of the things that's actually the most difficult to do. Most couples, then, opt to find the perfect baker, design a cake with the bakery's help, and buy this beautiful tiered confection that will be photographed and remembered for a lifetime.

So, if the wedding cake is super important, it's crucial to get it perfect. Everything aspect of the decision — from when you should order your cake to what you should budget to how to determine your desired aesthetic — is a tall order. If you're in the midst of planning your dream wedding, it can be hard to know where to start. But worry no more! We've compiled this handy guide for designing and buying the perfect wedding cake that everyone will be talking about (and salivating over) for years to come.