Top 8 Flowers For Winter 2017

Floral trends change just as quickly as fashion trends, but with winter in full swing and most gardens across the United States left barren and covered in snow, fresh flowers are barely on people's minds. However, the best way to add an element of happiness to your home and table settings in all this cold is to pick up some beautiful winter flowers at your local florist.

These eight flowers will keep your home bright and garner compliments from your friends, no matter what the occasion is.

Though commonly used in Christmas arrangements, Amaryllis flowers never go out of style. They come in such a variety of colors that they make a perfect statement flower in any arrangement. But don't mistake them for lilies — they are actually a single species of flower, which makes them that much more special. 

Calla Lily
What makes the Calla lily so different and a staple for this winter season is its unique trumpet shape —it's unlike any other flower this season. Perfect for winter, Callas come in a lovely stark white that rivals that of freshly fallen snow. If you're looking to make a bold statement in the middle of these dreary, gray months, try out vibrant Calla lilies such as deep burgundy and an orange russet that mimics the colors of a sunset.

Never has a flower been as obsessively grown as the daffodil, also known as narcissus. Though they are most famous for their bright yellow color, some daffodil varieties come in soft whites that will go beautifully with a variety of flowers. Daffodils add mystic and wonder to any winter arrangement, making them a go-to flower this season. 

The ranunculus is a dreamy flower with its many layers of silky, paper-thin petals. This delicate, puffy plant almost looks unreal. With its array of colors, the ranunculus is the perfect flower to brighten anyone's mood on a gloomy winter day. These lovely little things are in high demand this season, so get them while you still can.

No matter the season, beautiful and exotic dahlias have always been a hot commodity, and now they are trending more than ever. They are a huge staple in the ever-popular garden style of floral design. Pair them with an abundance of wild greens and your arrangement will be to die for. 

If you're tired of roses being the go-to flower, switch them out for lisianthus. These flowers make for a great substitute and add a certain delicacy to any floral design. Before they bloom, they don't look like much... but once they open up, they'll take your breath away. The wonder of the lisianthus makes it a highly sought-after flower.

Of this list, the pansy is the most versatile flower. It is both fragrant and edible, so not only can it be used to add a sweet aroma to your home, but it can also be infused into your cooking. Pansies come in a variety of colors, but for your winter arrangements, we suggest a vibrant blue.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Although it's not a flower, silver dollar eucalyptus is a must-have when talking about winter flower trends. For 2017, soft and earthy looks are in style, so the more greenery in an arrangement, the better.  An arrangement that seems to be straight out of your garden with lovely touches of color is the biggest floral trend of all, and silver dollar eucalyptus adds the perfect finishing touch.

This article is courtesy of Valeria Alva, an intern at Flowers By Tony in Miami. You can find Flowers By Tony arrangements on the flower delivery site BloomNation — a site that allows you to shop directly with the top local florists in over 3,000 cities across the country all in one place.