25 Fun Brunch Recipes to Make with, and for, Your Kids

Get the kids involved in cooking up a leisurely family brunch
Banana Waffles


Banana waffles are a healthy, tasty brunch all the family.

Who said brunch is just for the grown-ups? If you’ve got kids, escaping for a long, leisurely, weekend brunch can be very tricky. However, this doesn’t mean you have to swear off brunch for good: Get your kids in the kitchen and cook up an exciting brunch that the whole family will enjoy.

25 Fun Brunch Recipes to Make With, and for, Your Kids (Slideshow)

Slowing down those weekend mornings when the kids are bouncing around demanding fun, games, and food, can be difficult. Involving them in making brunch is one way to keep them entertained for a little while longer. Not only does working with them in the kitchen give you more time to wake up slowly with another mug of coffee, but it will also inspire and excite them in a way that helps you, as they assist in creating a delicious family breakfast.

There are so many simple, kid-friendly brunch recipes. Whether your children are begging for their favorite waffles, a stack of fluffy pancakes, or a cheesy breakfast casserole, these 25 brunch recipes will be a huge hit with your kids, who will definitely be even more enthusiastic about their breakfast if they played a part in cooking it.

The idea of having your kids “help” you in the kitchen early on a Sunday morning may sound like more stress than it’s worth, but these easy recipes allow for you to let the little ones help out as much or as little as you — or they — want. Whether you opt for layering up the different components of an apple pie parfait, which involves no cooking at all, or you decide to show the kids a magic trick by making omelettes in Ziploc bags, they will definitely be impressed.


These 25 recipes will be sure to put a huge smile on your kids’ faces when they see what’s on the breakfast table this weekend. They’ll be desperate to help you out in the kitchen more often from now on.