25 Best Things About Fall Slideshow

Think about it: Fall is great! The weather finally cools down, which means you can walk out of your house without immediately breaking into a heavy sweat. Two of the year's absolute best holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving take place in the autumn months. And can we just talk about all of the wonderful comfort foods that come with the fall weather? Of course, you get pumpkin and squash, but once again it's finally acceptable to break out your slow cooker and make stews and soups again.

Yeah. Basically, fall is heaven.

Apple Cider

Nothing warms our heart quite like apple cider. Whether you drink it fresh and cold or prefer to mull your cider in beautiful fall spices, this is the ultimate autumn beverage.

Apple Picking

I think we can all agree that apples are pretty much the best fruit, right? In the fall, say goodbye to pale, sad grocery store apples and have a beautiful day in nature picking apples in an orchard with your friends and family. It's a fun time — and you get fresh apples!

Back to School

Maybe we were total nerds, but there was something electric about going back to school. New pencils, reuniting with friends, and learning new and exciting things always made us love a new school year. Plus, parents finally get a bit of a break from having their children home all summer.


How much did you miss wearing boots? If you're anything like us, the answer is a lot. But it's fall now! Time to put those sandals away and break out the fuzzy socks and leather boots.


It's not always totally acceptable to just have bowls of candy bars sitting around your house. But in the fall, it's seasonal and decorative, duh! So feel free to binge on those Snickers bars — we won't tell.

Caramel Apples

Remember those fresh apples you just picked? Destroy any healthiness they had about them by dipping them in caramel. A simple caramel apple recipe is best, of course, and you can easily customize your treats with candy or nuts.

Comfort Food Is Back

Break out those slow cookers, boys and girls! Sure, you can eat stews, casseroles, and creamy pasta dishes any time of the year, but they're always better in the fall.

Cuddle Weather

Now that the weather has cooled down, you can finally snuggle up with the ones you love. Whether it's your cat, your significant other, or your own self, find a big, fluffy blanket. Get cozy!


The spookiest day of the year (and our favorite excuse to dress oddly and eat candy) lands right in the middle of fall. We're here for special Halloween candies, and the year in pop culture parodied in dress.


Whether you're cruising through a pumpkin patch, going on a haunted hayride, or just going around a fall fair, there's a certain wonderfully autumnal pleasure in going on a classic hayride.


Whether you're roasting s'mores and hot dogs over a bonfire or finally giving your neglected fireplace some use after a long, hot summer, you can finally cozy up in front of the flames.


Football fans, rejoice! After months away, both college football and the NFL kick off their seasons in the fall. And we all know what the best part of football is: tailgating.


Say what you want about overcast, shorter days. Fall weather means one thing: the changing of the leaves. Orange, red, yellow, and even brown leaves turn everyday sights into IRL works of art.

Jumping in Leaves

Not only do leaves look beautiful, but they're also a complete and total blast to jump and play in. After along, hard day of raking up the leaves, have a little bit of fun before hauling them out to the curb.


Who doesn't love giant mugs of beer, polka music, and more sausage than you could ever even fathom? Oh yes. That is Oktoberfest. The official Oktoberfest may take place in Munich, but there are smaller festivals across the world, including the U.S. And of course, you can always throw your own Oktoberfest bash.


Cooler weather means that you can finally bake your heart out without turning your entire home into an oven. And what's the ultimate fall treat? The pie, of course. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie... We'll take one of each, please!

Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin beers are easy to hate on, for some reason, but we love them! The rich spices, hearty ales, and deep, rich orange color are beyond pleasing. So pour a pint and enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice

Yeah, you can hate all you want. We'll just be over here happily sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and feeling the coziness of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.

Squash Season

Who doesn't love the heartiness and creaminess of a beautiful squash? In addition to pumpkin, butternut squash, acorn squash, and spaghetti squash are in full season. Prepare your oven for tons of delicious roasted squash recipes.

Sweater Weather

Put those tank tops away and snuggle up. Your favorite knit sweaters, puffball hats, and wool socks are prime for wearing now. It's like a whole new wardrobe!


The most indulgent, gut-filling holiday of the year lands right at the end of the fall, but we're already salivating in anticipation. I mean, just think about the turkey and the pumpkin pie — do we need to say any more?

That Fall Smell

You know that smell... a cool breeze, crisp leaves, and maybe a little bit of lingering rain in the air. It is the epitome of fall.

Warm Drinks

Iced coffee is meant for the summer. Fall means hot pecan and pumpkin spice lattes, mulled wine, and a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea.

The Weather Is Cooling Down

We love going to the beach, sipping on frosé, and wearing sandals as much as the next person — trust us. But fall means you can save on your electric bill by turning off the A/C and step outside of your house without sweating your butt off.

Your Favorite TV Shows Are Back On

Say goodbye to repeats and browsing Hulu for endless hours looking for something new to watch. Starting in September, TV shows are back on a regular schedule. So sink in to your couch and watch some new TV... finally.