8 Craziest Secrets About Domino’s and Papa John’s We Learned From a Former Employee

A former employee of both pizza chains did a Reddit AMA and it has blown up thanks to a few dirty little secrets he let out

Aren’t you just a little curious what goes into making your pizza?

A former manager at both Domino’s and Papa John’s made waves when he answered any and all questions (anonymously) on a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. The former employee, whose username is sikkerhet, said, “I managed pizza chains for a while because I make poor life choices,” so you know it’s not exactly the most positive tell-all. Here’s what we learned. (The responses have been lightly edited for capitalization and punctuation.)

Papa John is not a good person
“I only met him in person once, he told me I was making the pizza wrong but wouldn't tell me what I was doing wrong. He does everything in his power to prevent his company from having to in any way provide insurance for full time employees. … If John Schnatter and a cockroach were drowning I would save the cockroach.”

Papa John’s has the better quality-pizza
“Papa John's has better ingredients overall and Dominos has better cheese.” (However, it should be noted, that Leprino supplies the cheese for both brands).

Wage-skimming is a real and regular thing
“I used to occasionally pick up extra hours doing menial tasks for Papa John's legal department so they could handle all the drivers suing them for wage skimming. Usually they just settle outside of court and the drivers don't care enough to pursue it.”

When asked about the worst thing he had to be part of, sikkerhet answered: “Mostly wage skimming and tax evasion.”

Sometimes they can get creative with pizza
“I had a driver once make a pizza with nachos and Taco Bell on it, he called it the ultimate munchies pizza.”

The best Papa John’s topping hardly anyone orders
“Papa John's has a spinach alfredo sauce that's delicious but only gets ordered maybe once a week, and it hits its sell by date 3 days after you open the bag but no one actually throws it out until it's either gone or nasty looking.”

Secret discounts
“Student discount is usually the best they have but not all locations have it. AARP is 25% and they usually don't care enough to check as long as you look kinda old.

Neither one is particularly clean
“The Papa John's I was at had a hole in the back wall that went outside and corporate wouldn't let us spend the money fixing it because it wasn't anywhere customers could see. The Dominos was shut down by the health department several times and just delivered out the back door.”

The recipe for Papa John’s garlic butter sauce
Sauté a few cloves of peeled/minced garlic until it starts to get soft, cut the heat to a really low simmer, add two entire sticks of butter, some basil, some parsley, and some salt. The heat should be just enough to melt the butter and not much more. If you prefer garlic powder skip the first step and mix in a lot of garlic powder with the spices. They use margarine, not butter, but butter tastes better.”


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