The Absolute Best Thing to Eat in Every State

These restaurant dishes aren’t just delicious, they’re iconic
Best Thing to Eat in Every State

Alice W./Yelp

The fried chicken at Willie Mae's Scotch House is a New Orleans must-eat.

In traveling this country, you’ll quickly notice that there’s no shortage of unique and delicious restaurants to pull over and enjoy a quick meal at. But this poses a conundrum: What to order, and where? Each state has its own unique specialties as well as restaurants that serve definitive versions of some of the most delicious foods on earth, and we’ve tracked down the very best thing to eat in every state as well as Washington, D.C.

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Pinpointing a single dish, at a single restaurant, as the absolute most delicious bite of food in a state as expansive as say, California, is no easy task. But each of these highlighted dishes aren’t just universally beloved by just about everyone who’s tried them (in fact, many of them have put the restaurants at which they’re served on the map), they say something about their home state and its residents. These dishes aren’t just delicious, they’re iconic, and in many cases are nothing short of legendary.


Even though there are plenty of delicious desserts out there, we stuck with savory dishes for these purposes, with an eye toward the casual and inexpensive. (Sure, that dry-aged wagyu ribeye might be ridiculously good, but we wanted our featured dishes to be accessible to all.) Each of these dishes is a true American classic, and they’re nothing short of the most delicious things to eat in their entire home state.