Frank Pepe Pizzeria

157 Wooster St
New Haven CT 06511
(203) 865-5762
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If you want to discuss the loaded topic of America's best pizza with any authority, you have to make a pilgrimage to this legendary New Haven spot. What should you order at this checklist destination? Two words: clam pie. This is a Northeastern pizza genre unto its own, and Pepe's is the best of them all (the founder, Frank Pepe, is generally accepted to have invented the clam pie, as well as the thin-crust New Haven style in general) — freshly shucked, briny littleneck clams, an intense dose of garlic, olive oil, oregano, and grated cheese atop a charcoal-colored crust. The advanced move? Clam pie with bacon. Just expect to wait in line if you get there after 11:30 a.m. on a weekend.   — Maryse Chevriere

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Arthur Bovino, Editor

Spinach, Mushroom, and Gorgonzola — An Unsung Pie at Pepe. Whether you're an amateur or professional pizza aficionado, you've made the trip to New Haven, Conn., to visit Frank Pepe on Wooster Street, where New... Read More

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Men's Health Mag
The original white clam pizza is so popular that they go through over 40 to 50 bushels a week. Order a large and split the pie, and a pitcher of beer or two, with a group of your closest guy friends.
Lines are long for tables. Waltz right in, get carry out, and eat it in the park a block away!
patricia moreggi
A must...the clams are so fresh in this pie!
Amit Gupta
You gotta get the Foxon Park White Birch Beer. Local soda made right in CT!
Best Delegate
Hello SCSY delegates! I'm impressed you made it out this far from the Yale campus - now you're in for a treat! Pizza was pretty much invented here! The white clam pizza is a specialty here
Sony Mobile WTA
Best pizza in town according to the locals! The thin crust pizza baked in the brick oven is just mouth-watering!
Sebastian Cocchi
Try the clam pizza!
Farris Milling
Love it - head to Libby's for dessert :)
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Robert Kurfehs
The original location is still the best.
Try the Fresh Mozzarella With Basil Pizza
The signature white clam pizza, a combination of fresh clams and garlic is worth the wait in this inviting Italian neighborhood on Wooster Street.
Suzanne Wenz
This place alone is worth a trip to New Haven! Amazing pizza - you won't be disappointed.
Peter Leeds
Order the white clam pie
Vinny Mannering
Pizza was pretty good. You'll definitely eat more than you think
Charles B
Holy sht that is good pizza. Make sure there is pepperoni involved in your situation.
George Feese
Pizza here is a must-do for any New Haven visit
Alark Joshi
Get the regular cheese pie. Its really good. If you're from New York City/Chicago, you wont think its as good. Locals think its the best pizza ever though :)
Mark Vigeant
Go to the Spot: Same delicious pizza, 1/4th the wait.
Jay Miner
Defy convention by leaving New York to get Pizza. (Nowhere but Pepe's can justify this...)
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