Grilled Chicken, Salmon, Zucchini And More Of The Top-Searched Grilling Recipes In Every State

Prior to 2020's coronavirus pandemic, summertime outdoor dining was a preference, not a safety precaution, and dine-in tablemates were either friends or empty chairs, not stuffed animals, mannequins or blow-up dolls. But while parts of the food scene look different, others remain familiar, like ordering takeout and doing lots of summertime grilling. Recently, Google released data for the most popular grilling recipes in each state based on the most uniquely searched item over the past month. Here's what each state was looking to serve at its next cookout.

Alabama: Grilled pork chops

Alabama's most uniquely searched grilling recipe is none other than classic grilled pork chops, which pair perfectly with the state's most iconic pie.

Alaska: Grilled lamb chops

In Alaska, grillers cannot get enough lamb chops. If you're grilling up your own lamb chops, make sure you are storing and defrosting your meat properly, preheating your grill and avoiding other rookie grilling mistakes.

Arizona: Grilled shrimp

Grilled shrimp won the title of most uniquely searched grilling recipe in the state of Arizona. For a bright and effortless end-of-summer treat, pair this chili shrimp and peach skewer recipe with an easy no-bake frozen fruit dessert.

Arkansas: Grilled asparagus

In Arkansas, home cooks are looking for grilled asparagus rather than grilled red meat or other foods that are putting your blood pressure through the roof.

California: Grilled salmon

Rich in protein and fatty acids, grilled salmon is California's most uniquely searched grilling recipe this summer. Add this recipe topped with peppered soy glaze to your list of dishes to try before summer ends.

Colorado: Grilled zucchini

Although it's one of the top 10 cattle-producing states in the union and home to many of the country's best steakhouses, Colorado has yet to declare steak as its official state food. Perhaps that's because this summer, based on the Google data, state residents were looking to grill zucchini instead of steak.

Connecticut: Grilled zucchini

Heart-healthy zucchini won again in Connecticut. To really show your heart some love, incorporate these best bean dishes and other heart-healthy foods like salmon, spinach and sweet potato in your next grilled zucchini meal.

Delaware: Grilled kabobs

In Delaware, you can't go wrong with a grilled kabob. These summertime skewered delights were the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in the state. Consider adding these easy grilled chicken and peach kabobs to your fuss-free Labor Day menu.

Florida: Grilled salmon

Accustomed to warm summer weather, Floridians seem to prefer grilled salmon based on their recent Google searches. To beat the heat anytime throughout the year, serve any grilled salmon recipe with light, refreshing and cold sides like potato salad or watermelon and cucumber salad.

Georgia: Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon captivated Georgia hearts and bellies this summer. When preparing to grill salmon or other raw fish out of the freezer, remember that it only stays fresh for one to two days after thawing, so plan on cooking it quickly.

Hawaii: Grilled zucchini

In Hawaii, the happiest state in America, grilled zucchini was the most searched-for recipe this summer.

Idaho: Grilled eggplant

You can't think of Idaho without thinking of potatoes and all the ways you can cook them. However, in summer 2020, Idaho was much more about grilled eggplant, searching for it the most on Google.

Illinois: Grilled salmon

Salmon also reigned supreme in Illinois this socially distanced summer. More than just a strong weeknight dinner contender, grilled salmon is one of several brain-boosting foods you should be eating.

Indiana: Grilled salmon

Like neighboring Illinois, Indiana was also searching for grilled salmon this summer. In addition to being brain-boosting, salmon is a blood pressure-lowering food too.

Iowa: Grilled sweet corn

Corn may be a food that's not actually what you think it is, but it was nevertheless a go-to for grillers in Iowa this summer.

Kansas: Grilled pork chops

For home chefs in the Sunflower State this summer, nothing sounded more appealing than some perfectly seared grilled pork chops.

Kentucky: Grilled cabbage

If our parents taught us anything, it was probably to eat our veggies. Well, Kentucky has taken that guidance to heart and was searching for ways to grill cabbages over the past month.

Louisiana: Grilled lobster

Spices and seafood are the foundational components of many classic Cajun and Creole dishes. So, it's no surprise that grilled lobster was sought out by grillers in Louisiana this summer.

Maine: Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast beat out the grilling competition in Maine. To find fixes for all your chicken grilling mistakes, follow a guide on how to cook grilled chicken.

Maryland: Grilled salmon

In Maryland, salmon owned the summer grilling season — and for good reason. It's one of the foods women should eat every week.

Massachusetts: Grilled swordfish

Swordfish toppled the other fishy competition in the cute coastal towns of Massachusetts. "How to grill swordfish" was also the top-searched grilling question in Massachusetts this summer.

Michigan: Grilled salmon

Michigan is the seventh state so far with grilled salmon as its most uniquely searched grilling recipe. If you thought it's brain-boosting and blood-pressure-lowering powers were reason enough to hop on the summer salmon train, get this — salmon is a gut-healthy food too.

Minnesota: Grilled chicken breast

Versatile grilled chicken breast, the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in Minnesota last month, can be used in other dishes long after you shut off the grill. Put your leftover grilled chicken to use by following one of these best leftover food recipes.

Mississippi: Grilled chicken quarters

Like Maine, Mississippi was also looking up grilled chicken recipes last month. However, in the Magnolia State, grilled chicken quarters, not grilled chicken breast, was the busy weeknight chicken dinner of choice.

Missouri: Grilled pork chops

Missouri shares its most uniquely searched grilling recipe, grilled pork chops, with Alabama and Kansas. As summer turns to fall and the holiday season rolls around, look to the best ham recipes for more pork inspiration.

Montana: Grilled zucchini

According to a monthly seasonal produce guide, zucchinis — which Montana looked up grilling recipes for the most — are in season from May to August. So grab the last of this season while you can.

Nebraska: Grilled peaches

Veggies are not the only produce you can place on the grill. In Nebraska, peaches were the most uniquely searched grill recipe last month. Fun fact: Peach was the summer's top ice cream flavor in 10 U.S. states.

Nevada: Grilled shrimp

Seafood stole the show again in tourist-friendly Nevada, with grilled shrimp popping up most in the state's Google searches.

New Hampshire: Grilled eggplant

In New Hampshire, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike seem to have agreed on grilled eggplant, their state's most uniquely searched grill recipe last month. Take a page out of their cookbook by using this grilled eggplant, feta and cucumber recipe, one of the easiest and best grilling recipes.

New Jersey: Grilled chicken

Hopefully, grillers in New Jersey did not fall into the common trap of not seasoning their grilled chicken, which was their most uniquely searched grilling recipe. After all, there are at least 28 ways to make grilled chicken not boring.

New Mexico: Grilled vegetables

More than any meat, veggies were the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in New Mexico. All vegetables considered, New Mexico's favorite vegetable is broccoli.

New York: Grilled salmon

New York makes eight states with grilled salmon as the most-searched grilling recipe. And be warned, this food you should eat every day will show up on this list again.

North Carolina: Grilled shrimp

North Carolina's coastal position makes for prime seafood scarfing. Accordingly, grilled shrimp was the state's most-searched grilling recipe last month, a required addition to any summertime Southern dinner table.

North Dakota: Grilled jumbo shrimp

North Dakotans opted for a specific sort of shrimp this summer: grilled jumbo shrimp. When having a cookout in North Dakota or anywhere else, know there are certain foods you should avoid serving.

Ohio: Grilled salmon

Ohio also favored grilled salmon over the past month. The key to grilling salmon perfectly every time is intentionality at every stage, from choosing your fish to seasoning to resting.

Oklahoma: Charcoal-grilled salmon

Unlike the several other states that similarly enjoyed grilled salmon, Oklahoma was on the search-engine hunt for charcoal-grilled salmon recipes specifically. Pro tip if you have leftovers: reheat fish in the oven. It's one of those foods you should never, ever microwave.

Oregon: Grilled salmon

All across Oregon, according to the Google data, grillers were looking to add grilled salmon to their simple weeknight dinner rotation this summer.

Pennsylvania: Grilled zucchini

Grilled zucchini, a cheap and easy vegetarian recipe made for meatless Mondays, dominated the grilling recipe competition in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island: Grilled salmon

The grilled salmon fan club gains another loyal member. The healthy fish dish was the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in mansion-riddled Rhode Island.

South Carolina: Grilled lobster tails

Google data suggests South Carolinians do not depend on the area's best seafood shacks for their grilled lobster tail fix.

Tennessee: Grilled salmon

In Tennessee, grillers looked no further than to the summer's rockstar, grilled salmon, for a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Texas: Grilled salmon

Texans have a vast collection of bigger and better recipes. But for summer 2020, many people across the Lonestar State turned to Google for, you guessed it, a grilled salmon recipe.

Utah: Grilled chicken

There is no shame in sticking with what's familiar. In Utah, home cooks looked to Google for easy summer chicken recipes.

Vermont: Grilled tuna steak

Grillers in Vermont took to searching up tuna steak last month. Tuna is counted among the 50 best foods for weight loss.

Virginia: Grilled shrimp

Grilled shrimp also led the uniquely searched grilling recipes in Virginia. Serve your home-cooked shrimps with one of these best summer salsas and dips.

Washington: Grilled salmon

Washington is also searching for grilled salmon recipes. To do as the Washingtonians do, cook up grilled salmon with peppered soy glaze, an easy one-hour dish.

Washington, DC: Grilled peaches

Peaches may be the most iconic food in Georgia, but they are the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in Washington, D.C., too.

West Virginia: Grilled zucchini

In West Virginia, cookout chefs ditched the processed meats you should avoid in exchange for grilled zucchini recipes. 

Wisconsin: Grilled salmon

Wisconsin is the 16th state to claim grilled salmon as its most uniquely searched grilling recipe. Everyone from those states should turn to a round-up of the best grill recipes for some innovative ideas.

Wyoming: Grilled chicken thighs

Finally, based on Google data, grilled chicken thighs were the most uniquely searched grilling recipe in Wyoming. In addition to analyzing top grilling recipes, Google also released a list of the most searched dessert recipes in every state

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