20 Cool Ways To Use Your Instant Pot For Summer Slideshow

We all buy bananas by the bunch, so naturally there's always a question of what to do with all that fruit once it ripens so quickly.

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Barbecue Ribs

The summer favorite nobody can resist! It's always smart to have a delicious barbecue rib recipe on hand, and this one is a keeper. Impress your guests with minimal effort at your next cookout! 

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

It's summertime, which means: outdoor parties, chips, and dip! You can never go wrong with buffalo chicken as a summertime snack. It's got a nice spicy kick, and all of the ingredients can be substituted for low-fat options.

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Butter Chicken

One of the most satisfying choices when it comes to Indian food — this easy butter chicken recipe has that wonderful balance of sweet, tanginess and spice all brought together in a rich, velvety sauce.

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Caribbean Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

This chicken recipe allows the drumsticks to stay juicy and has that wonderful jerk-chicken flavor we all crave. Feel free to substitute serrano chile for habanero if it's more accessible.

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Classic Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is always a favorite, and a great tip for roasting it is to generously salt the chicken five hours before popping it in the oven. Just before you put it in, use a paper towel to wipe the excess water off. This will give the chicken a nice crispy skin.

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Granola Bars

Knowing exactly what's going into your granola bar — instead of buying a bar with all the things you don't want — is so satisfying. Give this easy snack a try and you'll have your breakfast organized for days!

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Lazy Day Lasagna

This is one of the easiest lasagna recipes around. It's a family favorite for sure, and the noodles are easily cooked in an Instant Pot to save you from standing over a hot stove.

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Mexican Seven-Layer Dip

This is the low-fat option for everyone's favorite dip. The longer cooking time gives it a nice rich flavor while providing a no-fuss snack packed with spice.

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Mexican-Style Quiche

Quiche is such a great dish to serve at any time of the day, and this is a recipe that can complement any occasion.

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Minestrone Stew

There's nothing like a healthy minestrone stew to get all your nutrients packed into one meal.

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

As the ultimate indulgence food, pulled pork is one of those things normally reserved for the professionals to make. Here's an easy recipe to get you that elevated quality in your own home with minimal effort.

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Risotto Milanese

Risotto is one of the most popular rice dishes around, and this recipe is all about the ingredients. Italians rely primarily on the quality of ingredients rather than the preparation, so before you start, make sure you make a quick trip to the farmers market for some high-quality cheese or olive oil.

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Sausage and Meatball Bites

This is a fresh take on the classic meatball recipe that adds some extra tenderness from slow cooking. With a hint of spice from the Dijon and a sweet kick from the cranberry, these juicy meatballs are a sure win.

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Slow-Braised Short Ribs

This recipe simplifies the braising process and delivers a powerful rush of flavor. Lean meats don't tend to work well when slow-cooked, but you can substitute chuck roast if you can't find short ribs at your butcher.

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Slow Cooker Overnight Porridge

You've probably heard of overnight oats at this point, and here's your chance to try it for yourself. This is a very accessible recipe, and the long cook time gives the oats an extra richness you can really taste.

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Spicy Carnitas

The trick to good tacos is all in that slow-cooked meat. This is a less intimidating carnitas recipe that will have your kitchen smelling amazing and your guests grabbing for seconds!

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Spinach Chicken

This is a simple chicken dish made with hints of Italian herbs, giving that familiar homey flavor we all crave.

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Sweet and Spicy Chili

Chili is the perfect crowd-pleaser to throw together with minimal effort. Top the chili with some pepper jack or Cheddar cheese and call it a day. It also has a great shelf life, so it makes for an easy snack for the next couple of days.

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Southwest Spinach and Artichoke Dip

If you want to take your artichoke dip to the next level this game day, this is your answer. Three hours in the slow cooker and a dash of Southwest flavor, and you're good to go!

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