10 Best Ways To Cook Fresh Corn Recipes

The sight of bushels of fresh ears of corn at farmers markets and grocery stores means that summer is in full swing. Everyone seems to love this seasonal ingredient, but it's surprising how many of us don't actually know how to cook it — aside from simply boiling or steaming it on the cob.

There is nothing wrong with this basic technique — in fact this classic preparation will never go out of style. The satisfaction of picking up and eating vibrant yellow sweet corn off the cob with our hands transports us back to our childhood. But what if you're not a fan of getting kernels stuck in-between your teeth or on your face? What if you just need some more variety in your corn recipe repertoire?

Well with the warmer months approaching, we thought it would be useful to round up a diverse mix of our favorite corn recipes, each showcasing a different way to enjoy this abundant produce. From salsa, to soups, and even pizza, we have got you covered when it comes to delicious corn cookery. So next time you're craving this summer delight, make sure to explore the 10 best ways to cook fresh corn recipes.

Black Bean Corn Salsa

Simply roasted corn is an ideal ingredient to make a naturally sweet and crunchy salsa out of. To cook the fresh corn, just cut it off the cob, add it to a hot pan with a little butter or olive oil, and sauté until tender and golden brown (about 10 minutes). This makes a wonderful appetizer served with warm tortilla chips, but also pairs well with grilled fish for an easy weeknight dinner.

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Campfire Corn on the Cob

Sometimes it's the simplest of recipes that end up being the best, and this easy corn on the cob recipe is a perfect example. With just a little butter and a pinch of both salt and sugar, this corn gets tightly wrapped in foil before it's cooked over a campfire. Don't have access to a fire pit? No problem, any type of grill or even an oven set to roast can get the job done.

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Charred Corn and Zucchini Sauté

Featuring two of summer's best ingredients, corn and zucchini, this recipe is easy to prepare and is a tasty side dish that's perfect for any occasion. If you love corn, but are not a fan of eating it right off the cob, this dish is for you! The corn kernels are sautéed with zucchini and red onion until lightly browned and juicy.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup With Fresh Corn

This riff on traditional chicken soup is taken to the next level by incorporating fresh corn and lots of spice. To maintain the crisp texture and bite of the corn, hold off on adding it to the soup until the last 10 minutes. This will ensure that the corn doesn't overcook and will add depth to the dish.

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Chilled Corn Soup

Chilled soup is a refreshing and elegant way to serve this prized vegetable. The secret to this is to cut the corn kernels from the ears of corn and scrape the "milk" and remaining pulp from the cobs by using the dull side of a knife. This develops a creamy texture to the soup without adding any dairy.

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Corn Pudding

You will be shocked how easy this summertime favorite is to prepare. Shucked and grated corn is baked until it reaches the consistency of creamed corn, before being garnished with fresh tomatoes and herbs. This corn recipe is an ideal side to wow your guests at your next backyard barbecue.

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Cowboy Chile Cheese Cornbread

Although this recipe calls for canned or frozen corn, substituting the fresh version adds a much deeper flavor. If you are fan of crispy-edged baked goods, cook the cornbread in a preheated cast-iron pan rather than a baking dish. This will develop a more browned outside crust that is very enjoyable to eat.

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Grilled Corn With Butter and Lime Salt

Grilling corn is fast, easy, and most importantly delicious. Try this recipe out the next time you are grilling the perfect steak for a quick, balanced, and wholesome dinner ideal for any alfresco meal.

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Grilled Pizza With Corn, Prosciutto, and Tarragon

Corn on pizza, why not? Take your corn cookery to the next level with this grilled pizza recipe. Fresh sweet corn, removed from the cob, is an ideal topping when paired with prosciutto and tarragon. Try throwing a pizza party for you next cookout and keep it stress-free by picking up the dough from your local pizza shop.

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Mexican Street Corn

We love the flavors of this Mexican-inspired grilled street corn recipe. This dish always seems to be a hit at barbecues and is quick and easy to prepare. Grilled corn is brushed with mayonnaise spiked with with lime juice and spices, which adds a savory dimension to the corn and packs a little heat. This Mexican street corn is not only delicious, but it's also one of many fantastic healthy side dishes perfect for summer.

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