25 Retro Recipes You Won’t Believe People Actually Made

25 Retro Recipes You Won’t Believe People Actually Made

Horrible old-fashioned recipes and their modern-day counterparts you will actually want to make

When people think of retro, or use it in a sentence, it usually conveys some sort of nostalgia — fondness for the past and simpler times. When it comes to food, however, retro can yield alarming results; unlike a favorite pair Levis, vintage recipes often do not age very well.


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Vintage Recipe Cards is a wonderful curated collection of retro recipes. Browsing the site for mere minutes will have you reeling. So many awful photographs! Ring molds, canned mushrooms, canned salmon, prawns that look like cartoon characters, and so, so, so much gelatin!


Of course, many ingredients were not as prevalent in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s as they are today — olive oil was a purchase made at the pharmacy and access to fresh salmon was probably not too easy, but still… why all the aspic? And why were bananas such a popular garnish for savory dishes? Of course, not all recipes from those decades were awful, but the ones in this slideshow, with their distorted color photographs and bizarre food styling, really are.


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Unfortunately I do not have all the answers, but I do have delicious recipe alternatives — modern-day upgrades for these old-school dishes. So please, peruse these recipes and try to contain your shock! Some of these recipes are truly terrifying!