Baked Beans

The 15 Absolute Best Baked Beans Recipes

Step up your summer cookout game with these great baked beans recipes
Baked Beans
The 15 Best Baked Beans Recipes

Sweet and savory, baked beans are the prefect side dish for any summer gathering. Whether it’s a pool party, warm-weather potluck, or the essential backyard barbecue, this comfort food always seems to be popular among young kids and adults alike. While most of us take a shortcut and simply pick up cans of our favorite brand baked beans, others cook them from scratch, making sure to soak dried beans overnight.

We all have our favorite twist on this classic dish. Some like to add barbecue sauce, others enjoy adding molasses, and many include flavorful meats such as bacon, ham, or pulled pork. Regardless of what you choose to include in your preferred recipe of choice, this dish is an ideal accompaniment to our 50 best burger recipes.

From quick and easy recipes that take no time at all to whip up to low and slow variations that simmer for hours, we have rounded up the best baked bean recipes for you to enjoy this summer. So take a break from the same recipe you have been using for years and make sure to try our 15 best baked beans recipes.

Barbecue Baked Beans

These barbecue baked beans are comforting, slightly sweet, mildly smoky, rich, meaty, and totally indulgent. Serve these at your next barbecue and they’re sure to be a hit.

Click here to see this Barbecue Baked Beans recipe.

Easy Baked Beans

Supermarket baked beans are pretty boring, but it’s easy to amp them up to something delicious. These easy baked beans are a great side for grilled fish and shellfish.

Click here to see this Easy Baked Beans recipe.

Quick Homestyle Baked Beans

This quick homestyle baked bean recipe is the perfect dish to impress your friends at your next backyard barbecue.

Click here to see this Quick Homestyle Baked Beans recipe.

12 Hours Roasted Baked Beans

Flavored with mustard, molasses, star anise, bacon, and chili, this luscious bean dish is incredibly simple to prepare. All it requires is some unattended time in the oven, and voila! The rich results are so worth it!

Click here to see this 12-Hour Roasted Baked Beans recipe.

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole

This comforting dish is a favorite among both kids and adults. The recipe uses ground beef which adds great flavor and is easy on your wallet so you can save your money for these 15 Instagrammable destinations you can visit on a budget.

Click here to see this Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole recipe.

Pulled Pork Baked Beans

Pulled Pork Baked Beans

Adding pulled pork to baked beans makes for a delicious pairing that makes this recipe completely addicting. Try serving these at your next backyard barbecue and they will surely be popular.

Click here to see this Pulled Pork Baked Beans recipe.

Diabetic-Friendly Baked Beans

Diabetic-Friendly Baked Beans

This baked bean recipe uses orange juice and maple syrup to add sweetness instead of refined sugars and forgoes ketchup in favor of plain diced tomatoes. These diabetic-friendly sugars don’t cause glucose spikes but still add the traditional sweetness that is synonymous with a good bowl of baked beans.

Click here to see this Diabetic-Friendly Baked Beans recipe.

Baked Beans in Bacon Cups

The inspiration for this recipe was cowboys and pots of beans warming over a campfire. These bacon cups make a cute way to individually serve this traditional dish.

Click here to see this Baked Beans in Bacon Cups recipe.

Classic Buffalo Baked Beans

Classic Buffalo Baked Beans

These baked beans have thick slices of bacon, molasses, brown sugar, and an added punch of spice from hot sauce and are sure to be a barbecue favorite.

Click here to see this Classic Buffalo Baked Beans recipe.

Oven-Baked Beans

Oven-Baked Beans

This is an oven method for baked beans that is very popular. The beans are soaked overnight and then rinsed and placed in a pot or casserole for an easy and delicious dish.

Click here to see this Oven-Baked Beans recipe.

Vegetarian White Baked Beans

Vegetarian White Baked Beans

You’ll be surprised by how flavorful these beans are! Lightly sweet and spicy, these baked beans are a healthier alternative to the traditional sugar-and-pork-fueled baked beans. For the best results, cool completely after cooking. This will thicken the bean liquid and allow the flavors to marry. Reheat to serve.

Click here to see this Vegetarian White Baked Beans recipe.

Full Moon BBQ's Baked Beans

Full Moon BBQ's Baked Beans

Is it impossible to have a cookout or barbecue without good, old-fashioned baked beans. We have combined traditional ingredients to make the best, Southern-style barbecue baked beans to be served with your favorite grilled meats.

Click here to see this Full Moon BBQ's Baked Beans recipe.

Mexican Charro Beans (Frijoles Charros)

Mexican Charro Beans (Frijoles Charros)

This Mexican twist on baked beans is slow-cooked spicy pinto beans with chorizo sausage and bacon.

Click here to see this Mexican Charro Beans (Frijoles Charros) recipe.

Boston Baked Bean Dip

This traditional dish is delivered in a dip form, perfect for summer, to be enjoyed on chips, crackers, or even crudité. Ideal for any summer cookout, this recipe is quick and easy to prepare.

Click here to see this Boston Baked Bean Dip recipe.

Mexican Charro Beans With Ham

Another fun take on baked beans, this dish delivers Mexican flavors that showcase ham and pico de gallo. This recipe is perfect for large crowds, so try whipping these beans up next time you throw a party and see how much your guests will enjoy them. Serve this, along with these 12 barbecue sides to wow your guests, at your summer cookout.

Click here to see this Mexican Charro Beans With Ham recipe.


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