The Aldi Fan Club That's Millions Of Members Strong

Aldi, the renowned German-born grocery retailer known for low prices and great deals, has fostered a devoted and fiercely loyal following that transcends most consumer allegiance. With a shared passion for Aldi's affordable yet high-quality products, the supermarket chain's cult-like following is drawn to the brand's commitment to providing value, convenience, and a unique shopping experience.

This devotion is so strong that it has bred a Facebook fan club that boasts 2 million members. Billed as "the original ALDI Aisle of Shame Community," the public group provides a forum for Aldi superfans to exchange recipes, compare notes on products, and meet other like-minded shoppers from around the U.S. The name is a play on the chain's popular "aisle of shame," the lane within Aldi stores that features unique seasonal products at deep discounts.

For those looking for more regional — or perhaps international — camaraderie, a quick Facebook search reveals similar groups for various states and even some for other countries such as Australia. Though they don't feature as robust of a following as the original fan group, these pages give members a place to share Aldi scores on a store-by-store level.

No, that's not a crow in aisle 2

Aldi's Facebook following has all the makings of a fan club, complete with inside jokes. Ever been strolling the aisles at Aldi and could have sworn you heard a crow calling? Chances are you've spotted an Aldi Aisle of Shame fan club group member in the wild! That's right — Aldi Aisle of Shame fan club group members will "caw" to one another like crows while in the ever-popular aisle of shame (AOS) as a way to identify themselves as members of the Facebook group. Sometimes they'll even hear an echoing response as other group members acknowledge the call. 

"It's how we call out to other Aldi fanatics," one Aldi Aisle of Shame group member explained. "If you hear it, you 'caw, caw' back." It's also a way to alert other members to great AOS deals. "It means ... I've found something I can use and the person who hears it might want to look," another wrote. "That is what crows do. They collect shiny things and tell others."

Why Aldi has such a loyal following

This all begs the question: How has Aldi managed to amass such a loyal following of fans? The chain's success is attributed to a few key factors that have distinguished the brand in the fiercely competitive grocery market. First, Aldi's commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices has resonated deeply with consumers, earning their trust and loyalty.

What's more, the company's focus on exclusive private-label brands allows it to streamline product selection and consistently offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. This has created a line of beloved products that customers flock to like Aldi's Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets; Mama Cozzi's frozen pizzas; and Specially Selected premium meats, cheeses, breads, pastas, and more.

Finally, Aldi fans appreciate the company's commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, specifically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Last year, for the fourth year in a row, the chain earned recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency's GreenChill Program for beating out all other grocery retail companies with the most GreenChill-certified stores.