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The Quirkiest Town Name in Every State

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quirky towns

This town in Utah is called "Mexican Hat" because of this odd rock structure.

From landmarks to landowners, there are a myriad of inspirations behind a town’s name. While some cities required extensive meetings and elections to choose what name their town would earn, others required only a simple suggestion and a signed document. But somehow, despite the vetting process, some towns in America are assigned names that are more than a bit quizzical.

The Quirkiest Town Name in Every State Gallery

These towns were assigned the quirkiest names we could find. They’re the kind of names that you’d read on an envelope and giggle, or that former residents are always having to explain to their friends. The larger the town, the more vetted the name — which is why many of the towns on this list are miniscule. Some of them aren’t technically population-determined towns, per se, but rather given other quantifying titles: “census-designated place,” for instance, or “unincorporated community.”

But every bizarre title on this list is home to at least a few residents, who are undoubtedly proud to sport these distinctive names as part of their address.

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A few of the towns were named after food — clear favorites for us here at The Daily Meal — while others were named in memory of a story eerie enough to make your skin crawl. Others will make you choke down a giggle while you try to remain mature — though if you’re moving to Buttzville, you’ll have to allow at least one chuckle to bubble to the surface. From Yolo to Goobertown, these are the quirkiest town names in every state.