The Craziest Corn Mazes in America slideshow

Take a trip to one of these outrageous corn mazes this fall

Photo Modified: Flickr / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory / CC BY 4.0

Ready to take on a corn maze yourself? Here are some of the country’s craziest.

The Craziest Corn Mazes in America

Photo Modified: Flickr / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory / CC BY 4.0

Ready to take on a corn maze yourself? Here are some of the country’s craziest.

Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, Calif.

Big brand sponsors like Starbucks and Ford are eager to get in on a piece of the action at Cool Patch in California. The original Guinness Book of World Records titleholder for world’s largest maze (in 2007), the farm beat its own record by expanding from 15 to 60 acres.  Sponsored checkpoints guide visitors through the labyrinth, as do GPS coordinates and makeshift maps.

Farmstead Corn Maze, Meridian, Idaho

Photo Modified: Flickr / waferboard / CC BY 4.0

In 2014, Idaho’s original corn maze celebrated the 75-year anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with a movie-themed maze that featured all four main characters, the Emerald Palace, a hot air balloon, and a yellow brick road — all carved into a corn field. Pedometers are given out at the information booth as part of Farmstead’s Fit Club so you can figure out just how many steps it takes to walk through the maze, and hidden signs throughout the field allow you to text in for a clue on how to get out.

Great Vermont Corn Maze, Danville, Vt.

Touted as one of the top 10 mazes in the country, the Great Vermont Corn Maze features a 32-foot underground tunnel, several bridges, and a 30-foot cabin cruiser that sails over the cornfield. Officials recommend you arrive before 1 p.m. if you want a good chance at solving the puzzle before closing time. And even if you did it once, your work is still cut out for you. Maze architects change the design every year, so even a map tattooed on your back won’t break you free a second time.

Happy Day Farm Corn Maze, Manalapan Township, N.J.

Everything is bigger in New Jersey — even the corn mazes. The Happy Day Farm 10-acre maze is one of the Garden State’s biggest fall attractions. A new theme provides guidance for the maze’s design each year. One year, they celebrated the Super Bowl, complete with a texting component that gave participants clues for how to find their way out. Another year, it was all about the 150-year anniversary of the Civil War. Think Confederate flag-shaped phases along with a battle scene visible overhead.

Connors Farm, Danvers, Mass.

If you plan on visiting a corn maze located near Salem, Massachusetts, expect to be scared out of your gourd. The seven-acre maze at Connors Farm is dedicated to tall tales of the spooky variety. One year, they paid homage to the headless horseman, and the following, it was all about witches. Show up at night and the only light to guide you will be the one from your flashlight.

Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Photo Modified: Flickr / Edmund Garman / CC BY 4.0

The Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze was named the world’s largest maze twice by the Guinness Book of World Records. A field shaped like a pineapple anchors the enormous walk-through puzzle. Guests are encouraged to find their way though twists, turns, and dead ends as fast as possible, as riches will be showered upon those who solve the maze the quickest. Well, maybe not riches, but a super cool plaque!

Davis Vega Adventure Maze, Sterling, Mass.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Sharon Mollerus / CC BY 4.0

A family that builds a maze together stays together. The Davis family has lived and worked on their Sterling farm since 1846. They come up with challenges and themes, like Conspiracy Theory, where guests embark on both a treasure hunt and murder mystery. Extreme mazing includes zip-lining, slingshots, water wars, and more in different adventure zones with varying intensity levels.

Richardson Farm Corn Maze, Chicago

Photo Modified: Flickr / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory / CC BY 4.0

Chicago, Illinois is home to the Richardson Farm Corn Maze, one of the world’s largest mazes ever. Each year, five sections are carved out of a 33-acre field to create one massive maze masterpiece. This year, the Chicago Blackhawks are the focus, with the Indianhead mascot at center stage, hockey players on either side, titles, pucks, and more all plowed into a walkable puzzle.

Cornbelly’s, Lehi, Utah

Photo Modified: Flickr / Philms / CC BY 4.0

Brett Herbst’s first maze, in American Fork, Utah, in 1996, was considered one of the coolest corn mazes of the year. Today, he is the brains behind the MAiZE — a corn maze company that conceptualizes and creates mazes around the world. Get a first-hand look at his work at Cornbelly’s, where a new maze draws tens of thousands of visitors during the first week alone. The 12-acre maze is one of four — it even boasts a tram, and a haunted point maze features animatronics, live action horror, and sound effects.

Queens County Farm Museum Maze, Queens, N.Y.

The Queens County Farm Museum’s maize maze is New York City’s only real maze, so it’s got to be good. It’s only three acres (which is huge for the Big Apple), but it’s a tough route to maneuver. They hide clues in hidden mailboxes and “corn phones” along the way to help visitors out.