Patriotic Road Trips

Not only is summer a great time for a road trip — although road trips at any time of the year are exciting — it's a great time to add a patriotic theme to your adventure by incorporating must-visit historical sites into your itinerary. While there are certainly plenty of places you can visit in between destinations, you can't pass through these states listed without stopping at some (if not all) of the patriotic places that have such a distinct connection to our nation's history.

Patriotic Road Trips Slideshow

While these road trips are recommended all year long, it is especially appropriate if you are planning a last minute summer vacation.

Tip: For an epic road trip, you can combine several of these trips together and keep the wheels rolling just a bit longer. From the East Coast across to the West, choose any area of the country you'd like to explore, and hit the road with this list of the best patriotic road trip locations ever!

Additional reporting by Matt Sulem.