These Are the Best Affordable Backyard Grills

These Are the Best Affordable Backyard Grills

When grilling season strikes, make sure you are armed with the best grill possible!
These Are the Best Affordable Backyard Grills

The sun is shining, the weather is nice, and you simply cannot think of anything better to do than grill in the great outdoors! There’s only one slight hitch in an otherwise perfect plan: You do not own a grill. During the height of the grilling season (also known as summer to some less outdoorsy folk, or simply “not-raining” to the most bold barbecue enthusiasts), cooking outdoors with a cold drink in hand and a group of good people is one of life’s simple pleasures.

From small weeknight grilling gatherings to more outlandish and festive weekend affairs, get-togethers that take place outside and by the grill are much anticipated warm-weather events that all who are fortunate enough to have outdoor space should take part in. But if you don’t already own a grill and are looking to make your first great grilling purchase, the whole procedure can feel a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry though; we at The Daily Meal are here to help with any and all of your grueling grilling needs with this list of the best affordable grills as well as some of our top grilling-related stories — for some extra inspiration and advice!

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To curate this list, we turned to our sister site BestReviews, a website that is devoted to buying and testing an array of different products in order to recommend those that they feel are the very best quality and value. We pored through their pages of recommended grills and looked at every kind of grill they had reviewed, from charcoal and propane grills to some excellent portable options that enable you to grill anytime and anywhere! There is a grill for everyone — and for every budget.

Best Reviews certainly has an extensive collection of tried and tested grills to choose from. We also searched Amazon and looked at those grills that were Amazon bestsellers and had the highest number of positive reviews. Along with a brief description of each grill (all the technical nitty-gritty) we have also included excerpts of some of the reviews (some of them lightly edited for clarity), which can offer insight into why customers love these grills as much as they do!


These affordable grills are all pieces of equipment that cost no more than $100, with many of them costing significantly less than that maximum amount. Just because you are grilling on a budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for anything less than a great grill. If you have all the money in the world, great, but for many of us that’s simply not an option, and it’s certainly is not a reason for anyone’s backyard barbecue game to suffer! Armed with some charcoal, some well-seasoned steaks and vegetables, and a simple grill, you can cook some wonderfully delicious things! Read on to learn about the best affordable backyard grills.