11 Must-Visit Spring Festivals Around the World

Spring out of winter with these lively celebrations on five continents
water festival


The country comes alive during Thailand's Songkran Water Festival.

There’s a festival out there for just about any foodstuff, occasion, or tradition you can think of, so it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few fêtes celebrating the arrival of spring. Spring, of course, heralds rebirth and renewal. With the vernal equinox come longer days and warmer weather; leaves appear on trees and crops dormant for the winter begin to grow.  

Slideshow: 11 Must-Visit Spring Festivals Around the World

Some springtime observances might seem a bit strange to us, such as Walpurgis Night in Germany ,where people dress up as witches and devils as if it were Halloween, or Drowning of Marzanna in Poland, where effigies are burned and thrown into lakes — but these are expressions of the demise of winter and the promise of good things to come. Others are built around delicious food, like the Festival of Scrambled Eggs in Bosnia, or natural beauty, like the many cherry blossom festivals in Japan.

Celebrate the arrival of spring yourself at these must-visit spring festivals around the world.

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