The Most Exciting Travel Destinations

When choosing a place for vacation, many people often try to find places with the most bang for their buck. Sometimes, however, you just want bang. No matter where you go, a new city means new things, which is what makes travel so exciting in the first place. But not all cities are created equal.

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If you're looking for excitement, there are the big guys: New York City, London, Tokyo. There are also a few other cities that are growing fast as destinations in parts of the world that you may not have considered such as Colombia or New Zealand. That's where The Daily Meal comes in. We appreciate how much the world has to offer in terms of history, culture, and of course, food, and we know how many places there are that don't get the attention that they deserve. So with both world-famous cities and rising-yet-relatively-undiscovered spots alike, here are the most exciting travel destinations that you should visit.