10 Vintage Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Bring Back This Year

Throw it back with these delicious Thanksgiving dishes
How to Carve a Turkey

Jonathan Sawyer shows us how to carve a turkey the right way.

Mincemeat Pie


Can you picture bringing this dish to Thanksgiving dinner?

Our society loves vintage things — clothes, music, sports cars, wine… But what about Thanksgiving dinner? Over the years, some dishes that were once standard on the Thanksgiving table have fallen out of favor, replaced over time with more modern substitutes.

Since Thanksgiving is the American holiday most built around tradition, though, we've dug out recipes for some good, old-fashioned holiday fare to give your Thanksgiving dinner flavors from the past.

Your guests may be a bit taken aback at first when you serve them up a relish tray instead of a vegetable tray with spinach dip, but they’ll quickly learn that relish trays were once a Thanksgiving favorite for a reason. Your older relatives will love seeing the food that was served at their childhood Thanksgiving dinners.

We love experimenting with food, and these recipes are perfect for experimentation. Test some of them out this week to see which ones will make it onto your menu this year. We recommend serving a nice bottle of wine — a good vintage, of course — to go with your old-school meals.

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