These Are The Halloween Candies With The Most Sugar Slideshow

You've heard the dentists' warnings. You understand that neither you nor your kids should be gorging on mountains of candies day after day.

And yet, trick-or-treating time rolls around and the neighborhood's kids are so ready. They've got pillowcases, jack-o-lanterns, and other oversized vessels by their side, ready to hoard as much sugar as they physically can into their bags. During Halloween it's all a ton of fun. But afterwards, you're stuck with buckets and piles of sweet treats that tempt and haunt you for weeks after.

Eating one or two pieces of candy a day won't really affect your overall health. But indulge in one too many one too many times, and you're in for some trouble.

The worst part of Halloween candies isn't even the chocolate — eating chocolate can actually be really good for you. It's not the fat, either. The part of a piece of Halloween candy without any real nutritional benefit is the added sugar. And these candies, of all the popular Halloween candies you're likely to collect this year, have the most of it.

100 Grand

Arguably one of the most underrated candy bars around, they also have a hefty sugar content for coming in such a small size. While the addition of peanuts and other fillers takes the sugar count down a few notches for Snickers and Mr. Goodbars, these candies can still give your blood sugar a spike.

11 grams per fun-size candy

Jolly Rancher

Since they're basically solidified syrup, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Jolly Ranchers are almost all sugar, and only three pieces gets you more sugar than would whole chunks of decent chocolate.

11 grams per 3 pieces


No matter the flavor, these chewy tart treats are sugar bombs. While Starburst originally came in four basic flavor varieties, there now are dozens of flavor options. Where the forward thinking stopped, however, was at their use of syrupy sugar to add to their taste.

11.5 grams per 4 pieces

Blow Pop

These lollipops are a dentist's nightmare. Once you crack open the sticky, artificial exterior, you expose your teeth to a corrosive piece of sugary gum. Hello, cavities.

13 grams per pop


They come in fun, festive flavors and are undoubtedly a go-to for coffee table bowl fillings and trick-or-treat candies this time of year. But these tiny bit-sized chocolates are filled with more sugar than you might've thought. Dense chocolate bars are less sugary than these.

13 grams per fun-size pack

Sour Patch Kids

Coated with a sugary dusting of sour flavor, these sour-then-sweet gummies might as well just be sweet. The sugar in each bite adds up, and just one small bag can tally up to more than half your recommended daily sugar intake.

13 grams per treat-size bag

Candy Corn

There's a raging debate over whether candy corn is the greatest thing to ever bless Halloweentime or a disgusting, rubbery travesty. Whichever team you're on, you should know: The stuff has a ton of processed sugar. Plus, when they come in such a huge bag, who really ever stops at nine pieces?

14 grams per 9-piece serving

Mike & Ike

The ingredients of these pill-like candies are basically just sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch, and fruit juice concentrate (with a ton of artificial colors). Let's face it — there are way better candies out there with way less sugar.

14 grams per snack pack

Swedish Fish

The Swedes may be healthy eaters, but their fish candies aren't healthy in the slightest. Yeah — Swedish Fish were actually invented in Sweden. Can't blame America for this sugar overload!

14 grams per 9 pieces

Junior Mints

Let's be real: These candies are misnamed. They're clearly more chocolate than mint. Unlike actually minty things, like toothpaste, they're not going to clean your teeth. They'll likely do the opposite — you better brush after digging in to a box of these, because the sugar in every one is bound to dig some cavities.

14.4 grams per snack size box


That's not the rainbow you're tasting — it's sugar. These are the most sugary candies we could find on our hunt (and one of the most popular). A tiny, fun-size bag has well over half your daily allowance of added sugar, based on government recommendations.

16 grams per fun-size bag

Surprised? You won't believe these facts about your favorite candies, either.