Ashwagandha And 10 Other Foods Everyone's Talking About (But You've Never Heard Of)

Unless you're an Instagram aficionado, foodie trends can seem impossible to keep up with these days. And of all the food-obsessed communities out there, the healthy food lovers just might be the worst. They're notorious for overspending on superfoods and indulging in odd food swaps you can't imagine actually taste good.

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You walk just a few steps into Whole Foods and you're already confused. Products of varying shades of green, rainbow, and brown boast gut healing power, superfood status, and elixir qualities you just can't seem to understand.

The millennials in the aisles, however, seem to have it all figured out. They can somehow compare mānuka honey brands with ease, impossibly knowledgeable about the source and purity of each brand. Their smoothie bowls are brimming with powdered additives that must be what's keeping their skin and hair aglow. What are these trendy foods they're eating, anyway?

We've compiled a few of the ones getting the most chatter right now. Some of these new foods are admittedly overhyped. But others actually do have nutritional benefits that make them well worth the mark-up. Either way, here are the foods that have everyone talking — but that you've probably never heard of.