This Malaysian Café Makes Actual Unicorn Toast

The treat is only available for a limited time

The company says there has been a spike in business since debuting the menu item.

Unicorn food features bright colors, sparkles, and all that jazz, but there’s one café in Malaysia that has gone the extra mile to take the trend to the next level. In addition to rainbows and fluff, the café made the food look like an actual unicorn fully equipped with the mythical creature’s horn.

Haraju-Cube is a café that specializes in adorable Japanese desserts, with its unicorn toast being one of its current fan favorites.

According to, the “Unicorn-Berry Toast” is made of thick charcoal toast with marshmallow meringue, berry ice cream, and an ice cream cone for the horn topped with a cotton candy cloud. It also comes with “Magic Potion,” a mixed berry ice cream smoothie.

The company makes around 120 to 150 servings of the toast, and tends to sell out over the weekends, Aaron Tan, marketing and branding manager at Haraju-Cube, told Mashable.


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