15 Fall Superfoods You Need To Eat Right Now

Fall is about more than just stuffed turkey and cider

The season has so much more than just apples to offer.

Fall is upon us, and with it the gusts of wind, end-of-summer sniffles, and cravings for creamy and cozy pasta. While curling up with a big bowl of Alfredo sounds undoubtedly delightful, there are lots of fruits and vegetables in season that could spruce up your carb-heavy dish.

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When you think “fall,” you don’t necessarily think fruits and vegetables. The season lacks the bountiful fruits of spring and misses out on all the tomatoes, corn, and other summer veggies of the warmer season. However, we think fall produce is seriously underrated. There are lots of things still in season, and while some of them might not be as obviously sweet or in-your-face fantastic, give them a little love and they taste absolutely amazing.


They make you feel amazing, too — that’s thanks to their superfood status. Each fruit and vegetable on this list is loaded with enough vital nutrients to classify it as a superfood. Learn which to watch for in the store and how to cook with each of these foods.