How to Eat and Drink Like Meghan Markle

We can’t guarantee this diet will land you a prince, but ya never know
Meghan Markle’s Favorite Foods
Max Mumby/Indgio/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s favorite foods are as fresh and clean as her style.

To say the world is obsessed with Meghan Markle right now would be a bit of an understatement. Not is her wedding to Prince Harry one of the most hotly anticipated royal weddings in history, but she also is totally gorgeous, caring, and relatable (beyond that whole royal thing). So who wouldn’t want to be just like Meghan Markle? And who wouldn’t want to eat and drink like her?

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Before she was engaged to be married to one of the most famous men in the world, Markle founded her own lifestyle brand, The Tig. The now-defunct website cataloged her favorite foods, drinks, kitchen tips and hacks, and party planning tips. So the nuances of her diet are very much out there.

A true California girl at heart, Markle has always been focused on sustainable foods and a healthy lifestyle. So while she’s not one to be afraid of the occasional indulgent meal of French fries and pasta carbonara, she tends to eat fresh, simple foods like green juice, sushi, and hot water with lemon. She’s incredibly health-conscious and would stick to a vegan diet during the week while filming her hit TV show Suits. We imagine she's eating like a royal already, but we’re pretty sure that the newlywed will continue with her healthy habits and uniquely American quirks, so here is how to and drink like Meghan Markle.