15 Signs You’re Totally Obsessed With Fall

Fall isn’t just a season; it’s a lifestyle

Fall is the best season. We can all agree on that, right? The sweltering days of summer are long gone, there’s a crispness in the air, and apples and squashes are the produce du jour. Fall also features two of the absolute best holidays on the calendar: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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But some of us love fall more than others. While the average person will enjoy a nice pumpkin spice latte and a walk in the park as the trees change colors, others live and breathe all things fall. Yes, fall can be a complete and total obsession.

If you break out your sweaters the second September rolls around, if you think of apple picking as a competitive sport, and if you love for football season and tailgating… you just might be a little obsessed with fall. If you do all that and spend months prepping your Halloween costume, deck your halls with pumpkins and cinnamon-scented candles, and watch a new horror film every night, you might be totally obsessed with fall.

Does that sound at all like you? If so, click here to see 15 signs you’re totally obsessed with fall.

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