The Food World's Secret Vices Slideshow

Even culinary celebrities sometimes have a fast food notion

Arthur Bovino

"Three things: Really well-made ice cream; really well-made Mexican food — like chips and salsa; and raw shellfish. I could live for weeks on nothing but oysters."


Mario Batali, Chef-Restaurateur, TV Food Personality, and Entrepreneur

Arthur Bovino

"Three things: Really well-made ice cream; really well-made Mexican food — like chips and salsa; and raw shellfish. I could live for weeks on nothing but oysters."


Bobby Flay, Chef-Restaurateur and TV Food Personality

Arthur Bovino

"A cheeseburger with two slices of American, potato chips, and chipotle ketchup. Or a cheeseburger from JG Melon."


Who else loves burgers?
• Efraim Nahon, chef, Barbounia: "A McDonald’s cheeseburger"

• Ricardo Zarate, chef, Mo-Chica: "If I'm drunk"

• Lee Hanson, chef, Balthazar: Tacos, too

• Michael Bao Huynh, chef–restaurateur, d.o.b. 111: Also burritos

• Jaime Sudberg, pastry chef, Stanton Social: "An awesome, awesome one"

• S. Irene Virbila, L.A. Times restaurant critic: L.A.'s In-N-Out burgers, but also pinzimonio — raw vegetables with olive oil and salt.


(Make one at home with The Daily Meal's cheeseburger how-to.)





Alton Brown, TV Food Personality

Maryse Chevriere

"Doughnuts. I don't care what kind as long as there's a hole in the middle (jelly- and cream-filled hold no allure). For my money, St. Louis is the best doughnut town in the country... which is why I have to stay as far away as possible. I just don't look good in elastic-waist pants."


Norman Van Aken, Chef-Restaurateur of NORMAN'S, Etc.

Norman Van Aken; Maryse Chevriere

"The kind of corn dogs one gets at a carnival or gas station... steaming hot with yellow mustard, hot sauce, and pickle relish, taken down with a cold root beer."



Robb Walsh, Food Writer and Restaurateur; Maryse Chevriere

"Boudin kolaches."


(Make them at home with The Daily Meal's recipe.)


Vince Young, NFL Quarterback and Owner of Vince Young Steakhouse

"Fresh fruit or a handful of walnuts. Sometimes grilled chicken too. Walnuts and chicken are great sources of protein."


Boz Scaggs, Musician and Scaggs Vineyards Proprietor

"When I'm on tour, the post-performance mini-bar dinner. Back at the hotel, famished and still wired, I grab for the mixed nuts and a Heineken as I fumble for the room service menu and realize that it's too late to order — but not too late for the oven-baked chips and the 375's of saturated-oak Chard or sticky red, followed by the entrée of MSG almondine and dessert — the twin pack of Snickers, winding down with my man Famous Amos."


Ruth Reichl, Author and Former Restaurant Critic and Magazine Editor

"Onion rings! I'm always hoping for great ones and am constantly disappointed, but I keep trying. If I see them on a menu I have to order them."


Paula Wolfert, Cookbook Author

Paula Wolfert; Maryse Chevriere

"Pan con tomate — bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil, Spanish style."


Alan Richman, Food Writer

"Katz’s knoblewurst, a garlicky beef salami that seems to spend a lifetime on the grill, which concentrates the flavor of the meat and makes the casing almost indigestible. It is salami in its most expressive form."


Michael McCarty, Owner of Michael's Restaurant and Michael's Santa Monica

"A peanut butter and jelly sandwich like my mother and father taught me to make it. I take a warm, split and toasted Bays English muffin and slather both halves with melted Land O’Lakes salted butter. Then I coat one side with Smucker’s strawberry preserves and the other side with Skippy super-chunky peanut butter. It’s got to be served still warm, with a slice of Comté cheese on the side and a tall glass of ice-cold milk with Hershey’s chocolate syrup stirred in."


Another PB&J lover:

• Jonathan Benno, chef, Lincoln Restaurant:

"Peanut butter sandwiches, made with Skippy smooth peanut butter, Welch's grape jelly, and whole wheat bread."


Larissa Raphael, Pastry Chef at Telepan; Maryse Chevriere

"Anything peanut butter... or fried calamari."


Lidia Bastianich, Chef–Restaurateur, Cookbook Author and TV Food Personality

"I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I have been known to make a sandwich of them on crisp Italian bread."


Patricia Wells, Cookbook Author and Cooking Teacher

"I do not really consider peanuts a junk food, but when we went to Vietnam a year ago, with peanuts in so many dishes, I realized how much I love them. Since then I have become a bit of an addict."


Jonathan Waxman, Chef-Restaurateur of Barbuto

"Flamin' Hot Cheetos and regular Fritos; for dessert, peanut M&Ms."



Stephanie Izard, Chef-Restaurateur of Girl and the Goat and Top Chef Winner

"Baked Lay's potato chips dipped in ranch dressing."


Other chip fans include:

• Bowman Brown, chef, Forage: "Potato chips and salty potatoes in general"

• Kevin Willmann, chef, Farmhaus: "A bag of good old plain Kettle Chips"


Trisha Yearwood, Country Singer and Cookbook Author

"Anything potato. My favorite? A tie between French fries and potato chips. My favorite fries are classic McDonald's, plain, no ketchup, with a cold Coca-Cola. My favorite chips are classic Lay's potato chips dipped in sour cream."


Fries are favorites, too, for:

• Al Roker, TV personality and cookbook author: "McDonald's fries specifically"

• Amanda Cohen, chef–restaurateur, Dirt Candy: "Just fries."

• Amanda Freitag, chef–restaurateur: "Especially the fries at the Waverly Inn in Manhattan."

• Ed Brown, chef–restaurateur, Ed's Chowder House: "Pop Burger fries, dipped in mayo, mustard, and ketchup."

• Marc Hennessy, chef, BLT Steak Scottsdale: Chili cheese fries

• Jennifer Domanski, pastry chef, Crosby Street Hotel: "Just fries."



(Make chili fries at home with The Daily Meal's recipe.)



April Bloomfield, Chef-Restaurateur of The Spotted Pig, Etc.



David Schuttenberg, Chef at Fatty 'Cue

"Alcohol and buttered toast."


Marc Forgione, Chef–Restaurateur of Marc Forgione and Iron Chef

"My friend’s mother’s beef jerky."


Alex Guarnaschelli, Chef of Butter and TV Food Personality

Arthur Bovino; Yasmin Fahr

"Guacamole and chips."


Guacamole as well for:

• Laura O'Neill, ice-cream maker, Van Leeuwen: "Or Marsmallow Fluff!"


(Make some guac at home with The Daily Meal's recipe.)



Lawrence Knapp, Chef at Quality Meats

"Hint of Lime Tostitos."


Penny Pollack, Chicago Magazine Dining Editor

Anonimage; Arthur Bovino

"Canelés at Floriole Café & Bakery in Lincoln Park. Pudding-like on the inside and chewy on the outside, they look like skinny mini bundt cakes. Decidedly unsweet — just how I like my sweets!"


John Mariani, Food Writer and Restaurant Critic

"Carvel vanilla ice cream with Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup."


Lydia Shire, Chef–Restaurateur of Locke-Ober

"Toast (Pepperidge Farm original will do), Hellmann's Mayo (the real one, not "lite"), and a pound of Oscar Mayer bacon (not overly crispy). When I go to the supermarket, I turn each package over and find the one with the least meat, knowing that it will help all those skinny broads if I eat the fatty bacon!"


Chris Jaeckle, Chef at Ai Fiori

"Singapore-style pan-fried noodles because they have heat, shellfish, and a lot of MSG. Also anything with bacon."


Charlie Palmer, Chef–Restaurateur; Arthur Bovino



Who else loves bacon?

• Anne Burrell, chef and TV personality: Any bacon

• Brian Bistrong, chef, Bouley: "Bacon and a beer with a burger"


(Make the perfect bacon at home with The Daily Meal's how-to.)



Sam Hazen, Chef at Veritas

Sam Hazen; Maryse Chevriere

"The freshly baked scones filled with jam from my pastry chef at Veritas, Emily Wallendjack. She makes a big batch on Sunday, and I eat them all day long, with butter sprinkled with sea salt."


Josh DeChellis, Chef at La Fonda Del Sol

"A bowl of firm, silken tofu that I let drain, then top with dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and wasabi."


Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef-Restaurateur

"A little bit of milk chocolate. I like to have some every night after service is over."


Another chocolate-lover is:

• Fernando Navas, chef, SushiSamba Restaurants: "Especially Almond Joy candy bars."


Margo True, Sunset Magazine Food Editor

"Toast with mayonnaise and black pepper; also Häagen-Dazs dulce de leche ice cream — and Nutella, licked off a soup spoon."



Christopher Lee, Chef-Restaurateur of Eden

Arthur Bovino

"Chicken fingers. Atomic Wings makes a good chicken finger."


(Make them at home with The Daily Meal's extra-crunchy recipe.)


Cake Man Raven, Baker and Owner of Cake Man Raven

"The sweet tea from Chick-fil-A."


(Make it at home with The Daily Meal's recipe.)


Joshua Skenes, Chef-Restaurateur of Saison

"Ice cream. What kind? Cucumber. Or peach."



Jamie Bissonnette, Chef-Restaurateur of Coppa

"I live close to Chinatown, so I get Chinese dumplings and stick them in my freezer. They come back really well and then whenever I want them I have them."


Gabrielle Hamilton, Chef-Restaurateur of Prune and Author

"I have no guilty pleasures or food vices: I'm never guilty about food, and I don't consider anything I eat to be a vice."



Colman Andrews, Author and Food Website Editor

"Auntie Anne's jalapeño pretzel dogs — pretty much the perfect food. Also crunchy peanut butter spooned right out of the jar, or inside a warm rolled-up flour tortilla."