7 Creative Ways To Make Wings

The classic Buffalo or hot wing is typically coated in a hot sauce (Frank's Red Hot if you're the real deal) after being fried. While we have nothing against this classic preparation and, in fact, have included a superb recipe below, one of the beauties of chicken is that it's essentially a blank canvas for whatever seasonings or flavor profiles you want to cook it with.

You can go with an Asian-inspired dish using ginger and garlic or try Indonesian flavors with turmeric, coriander, and garlic, or give them an Italian flare with Parmesan and parsley — whatever you choose, they will work fantastically. Just as long as you don't mess up while cooking them. Check out our story on How to Make Perfect Hot Wings, because even if you choose a different sauce or seasoning, the method is the same for at-home cooking.

Tip: If you're hosting a large party, pre-bake the wings and then quickly cook them in the fryer or under the broiler to warm them and crisp them up right before serving.

Enjoy the recipes below and try serving them at your next Super Bowl party with some of our favorite dips and spreads


Ginger-Turmeric Wings

This recipe was inspired by my mother's traditional Indonesian fried chicken...

— Will Budiaman





Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings

An ideal wing always consists of the following...

— Francesca Borgognone





Barbecue Turkey Wings 

Let's say you're hungry — really hungry  and those tiny chickens whose meat you have to nibble off aren't going to cut it...

— Valaer Murray





Spicy Chipotle-Honey Wings

If you like heat on your wings, then these chile-covered wings are the ones for you...

— Yasmin Fahr





Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings

Forget the messy barbecue sauce, or hot and spicy buffalo marinade...

— Allison Beck





Spicy Cajun Hot Wings

This recipe combines two of my favorite ingredients: Frank's Red Hot and Tony Chachere's Cajun seasoning...

— Maryse Chevriere





Boneless Barbecued Wings

Boneless wings often get a pretty bad rap from traditionalists...

— Molly Aronica