The Ultimate Steak Guide

The Ultimate Steak Guide

Cooking steak doesn’t have to be intimidating
The Ultimate Steak Guide

For many, ordering a perfectly cooked steak is joy on a plate — but trying to recreate the same at home can often be rather intimidating. Which cut should you choose? Should it be grass-fed, or is grain-fed better? And after all the choices have been made in the supermarket, what is the best way to cook a steak at home, and how to you cook the perfect steak?

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Don’t let a little bit of uncertainty stop you from tackling the task of cooking steak yourself. Armed with the right knowledge and a few simple tips, you will find that recreating that perfect steakhouse dish in your own home is totally achievable.

We scoured the internet as well as The Daily Meal archives for the most essential steak cooking tips and stories. From understanding dry aging and the different grades of beef to learning the difference between the most popular cuts of steak and more, this guide will help you cook the perfect steak.


Whether you are a first-time steak cooker who doesn’t know where to start or a pro looking to revisit the basics, this ultimate guide to steak is a perfect place to begin.