foods better from a box

These 10 Foods Taste Better From a Box, So Skip the Recipe

Bring on the processed, store-bought goods
foods better from a box

Why waste time on fresh biscuit dough when you can make delicious, flaky biscuits from a box? 

Cooking homemade food is one of the best ways to ensure you’re eating something both nutritious and delicious. With infinite recipe possibilities at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you try your luck at making something for yourself? It usually ends up tasting better that way, too. But there are some exceptions. Certain foods, for better or for worse, just taste better made from a box.

These 10 Foods Taste Better from a Box so Skip the Recipe Gallery

Yes, boxed foods are often processed. And yes, they may not fit within the limitations of your friends’ trendy diets. But there’s no arguing with facts: Some boxed foods are just better.


Boxed foods typically have little to do with quality and a lot to do with convenience; but for one reason or another, these particular products are able to accomplish both. There are, of course, some grocery products you’d be better off making yourself. But not these items. Most of them taste better than the homemade versions and cost less when you add up all the ingredients. They’re also huge time savers — so don’t cook them yourself! These foods taste better right from the box.