kraft mac and cheese

Kraft Mac and Cheese Is Better Than Homemade

And I’ll stand by it till the end
kraft mac and cheese

I'll take a helping of this processed cheesy goodness any day. 

Ah, Kraft Mac and Cheese. The glorious from-a-box dinner that takes under 10 minutes to make and tastes like pure nostalgia. If you grew up any decade later than the 1930s, you’ve eaten your fair share. It’s truly, in every sense of the word, a classic. And if you ask me, it tastes better than anything you’d try to make homemade.

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Sorry not sorry: I firmly believe that macaroni and cheese is best made from the box. You can try to get fancy with Gouda and provolone, but why would you? It’s pricey to pick out a nice cheese and, while it’s definitely worth the splurge for the reward of a fancy cheese plate, you may as well save the cost if you’re melting it with pasta.

Don’t get me wrong — I wouldn’t turn down a helping of homemade macaroni. I know that if it’s made right, it can turn out cheesy, creamy, and delicious. I understand the appeal of a lobster mac (though some disagree) and understand how to elevate macaroni with a nice breading or by adding truffle.

I just prefer the taste of Kraft. I’d rather save my pasta pretension for other dishes, like carbonara or fettucine Alfredo. You wouldn’t catch me ever advocating for from-the-box spaghetti Bolognese. But a little cheese dust never hurt anybody. And if I can make crave-worthy mac and cheese only from a box with a little help from a stick of butter, I’m happy.

All through childhood, my mom relied on the Family Size box of Kraft. And all through college, I relied on the single-serving microwave cups. Also, what other food still comes in shapes that look like SpongeBob? So perhaps it’s purely nostalgia that makes this brand of macaroni and cheese taste so darn good. But be honest: Don’t you feel the same way about the nostalgic dishes from your childhood decade?


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