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We place an emphasis on Christmas dinner and the traditions of gathering family and friends during the days leading to the holiday, but Christmas breakfast is often overlooked or thrown together at the last minute; it's shoved aside to make room (in the fridge and your head space) for Christmas Eve and Day feasts.

Christmas breakfast doesn't have to be overly complicated or lavishly decadent; it doesn't have to be a difficult or arduous cooking affair — just make sure you put something good on the table.

This following recipe roundup serves up some solid breakfast options perfect for Christmas morning. Kicking off the roundup are a few brunchy cocktails to sip on post-coffee injection, followed by scores of festive recipes for French toast, egg dishes, and lighter breakfast options to help you save room for dinner. This Christmas, eat well and be merry (with an extra emphasis on the "eat!") and make some of these 25 easy and delicious recipes for Christmas morning breakfast.

Bacon, Vodka and Tomato Cocktail

This cocktail is a combination of a Bloody Mary and a BLT, mixing bacon-infused vodka, Bloody Mary mix, and a slice of sweet sugared bacon.

For the Bacon, Vodka and Tomato Cocktail recipe, click here.

Classic Cipriani Peach Bellini

Bellinis make for an elegant starter to a festive breakfast and are perfect for sipping on during the present unwrapping phase of the morning.

For the Classic Cipriani Peach Bellini recipe, click here.

Lemon Orange Mimosa

Mimosas are the perfect morning drink; they're bubbly, light, and totally refreshing. Add in a lemon twist and you'll elevate this recipe to zesty!

For the Lemon Orange Mimosa recipe, click here.

Apple Pie Breakfast Porridge

Teff flour, an ancient grain with a wealth of healthy properties, has a mild, slightly nutty flavor, and it packs a nutritious punch. Cinnamon and nutmeg spices perfectly complement its nutty sweetness, while warm apple compote makes this breakfast porridge as delicious as it is healthy.

For the Apple Pie Breakfast Porridge, click here.

Baked Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash

Here's a one-sheet meal that is easy to make and delicious and feeds a crowd — perfect for a busy Christmas morning!

For the Baked Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash recipe, click here.

Baja Breakfast Wraps

This easy breakfast burrito is rolled up tight with spiced chicken, scrambled eggs, salsa and guacamole.

For the Baja Breakfast Wraps recipe, click here.

Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa Pudding

Quinoa is mixed with coconut milk and chia powder then topped with blueberries, crushed almonds, hemp hearts and a drizzle of honey.

For the Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa Pudding, click here.

Breakfast Burrito

A classic breakfast staple, this hearty breakfast burrito is perfect for any time of year.

For the Breakfast Burrito recipe, click here.

Breakfast Tacos

These breakfast tacos are super simple and allow for your eaters to build them themselves. Seasoned refried beans are spooned onto tortillas and topped with chorizo, cheese, and fried potatoes — come and get it.

For the Best Breakfast Tacos recipe, click here.

Breakfast Parfait

Parfaits can be made a day ahead, making them ideal for feeding a crowd and the perfect option for a light breakfast. To simplify this recipe, you could use muesli instead of the quinoa, almonds, and chia seeds.

For the Breakfast Parfait recipe, click here.

Chocolate Orange Pastries

Wrap chocolate, cream cheese, and orange marmalade up in refrigerated pie crusts to create a quick and delicious morning pastry.

For the Chocolate Orange Pastries recipe, click here.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles With Cream Cheese Glaze

If you love old-fashioned cinnamon rolls but don't have the time or patience to make them, try these crazy-easy cinnamon roll waffles. Just pop a can of pre-made tubed cinnamon roll dough and cook in your waffle iron on low heat for two minutes.

For the Cinnamon Roll Waffles With Cream Cheese Glaze recipe, click here.

Eggnog French Toast

What recipe could be more suited for a holiday morning? Try this sweet and creamy holiday twist on traditional French toast. Top with fresh fruit, drizzle with syrup, or simply dust with powdered sugar.

For the Eggnog French Toast recipe, click here.

Eggs and Greens Breakfast Skillet

Spicy arugula, hearty spinach, and rainbow chard are sautéed until tender with garlic and then topped with sunny-side-up eggs. Don't forget the toast to sop up the creamy egg yolks.

For the Eggs and Greens Breakfast Skillet, click here.

Goat Cheese Grits With a 6-Minute Egg

Creamy, cheesy grits with a perfectly boiled egg? Yes please! This recipe is cozy, and everyone knows that a perfectly cooked egg is hard to beat!

For the Goat Cheese Grits With a 6-Minute Egg recipe, click here.

Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls

These old-fashioned cinnamon rolls are full of butter, cinnamon, and childhood nostalgia. Generously top them with a simple confectioner's sugar glaze.

For this Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls recipe, click here.

Perfect Pancakes

The secret is revealed: Perfectly tender and moist pancakes are made with a little vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt. Top your stack with fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup.

For the Perfect Pancakes recipe, click here.

Rum-Soaked Challah French Toast

This rich and boozy French toast is perfect for a special breakfast on the special morning. Bright orange citrus is in season and tastes absolutely divine with pillowy-soft challah French toast.

For the Rum-Soaked Challah French Toast recipe, click here.

Savory Cheddar Waffle BLT With Egg

For a late morning start that is easy to assemble and will keep everyone full until dinner, this BLT waffle hybrid is the perfect solution

For the Savory Cheddar Waffle BLT With Egg recipe, click here.

Slow Cooker Coconut Rice Pudding

The brown rice cooks gently until it turns soft, fragrant from the coconut milk, and mildly sweet from the maple syrup. Serve this dish like oatmeal; the coconut milk adds a richness that will have you double-dipping back into your Crock-Pot.

For the Slow Cooker Coconut Rice Pudding recipe, click here.

Slow Cooker Cinnamon French Toast

This is the perfect dish to make when you want minimal cleanup, and it's great for when you have bits and bobs of leftover bread that need to find a home.

For the Slow-Cooker Cinnamon French Toast recipe, click here.

Smoked Salmon With Eggs and Waffles

Make these savory waffles and garnish them with smoked salmon, fried eggs, and minced chives.

For the Smoked Salmon With Eggs and Waffles, click here.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is light, airy, and topped with a crunchy streusel before being decorated with a simple, sweet glaze.

For the Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe, click here.

Vegetable Strata

A strata is like a breakfast bread pudding filled with eggs, bread, whatever fillings you could think of, and just a touch of cream. This dish is ideally made the night before so the bread has time to absorb the egg mixture, but in a pinch, you can use soft, fresh bread the morning of.

For the Vegetable Strata recipe, click here.

World's Best Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

You never need an excuse to eat an amazing biscuit. This bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit will always be welcomed at the breakfast table! You can make your favorite biscuit recipe or use pre-made biscuit dough. A good breakfast sandwich is just one way to use a can of biscuit dough, though — have you tried any of these 24 things to make with a tube of biscuit dough that aren't biscuits?

For the World's Best Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit recipe, click here.

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