When Is Thanksgiving 2017?

No matter how prepared you think you are for the holiday season, year after year Thanksgiving creeps up on you. It seems like it was just yesterday when you were trick-or-treating at Halloween, grilling in your backyard for the Fourth of July, and hunting in the grass for candy-filled eggs at Easter. But alas, Thanksgiving is coming up... but, uh, when is it, again?

Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday. You know that. And you're pretty sure it's actually the fourth Thursday in November. However, unlike Christmas and New Year's Eve, which are on a fixed date, that Thursday in November changes from year to year.

This year in 2017, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23. That fourth Thursday in November can be anywhere between November 22 and 28, so November 23 is considerably earlier than it has been in other years. So in case you haven't started, you should start planning Thanksgiving now (and here's how).

If you're not sure where to start for Thanksgiving, it's good to know how to dominate the supermarket, how much turkey to buy per person and 25 different ways to cook your bird. Once you have that tackled, be sure to thaw your turkey and plan your Thanksgiving Day sides. Stuffing in particular is essential, and here's every stuffing recipe you could ever need. Don't forget your canned green bean casserole, the cranberry sauce, potatoes, and pies. Who could forget pies! And here is every single pie recipe we have. Be sure to cover it all in the perfect gravy and pair it with one of these 50 festive Thanksgiving beverages.

If you're not going home for the holidays, don't worry! You can throw a great Friendsgiving or cook like you're back home in the Midwest, South, or New England.

But for now, don't worry. You know when Thanksgiving is. Now it's time to plan your menu with these 101 recipes...