VIDEO: A-Z Food Discovers Authentic Japanese Food

About A-Z Food: In this video series, Alastair Humphreys and Tom Kevill-Davies eat around London to find one restaurant from a nation for each letter of the alphabet. Check out A-Z Food: Iran here.

Central London might not have the best Japanese food around (Humphreys and Kevill-Davies writes that it's "lazy and mass-produced"), but tread a bit further and the A-Z Food team discovers a small gem. Kiraku in Ealing Common is Japanese-owned and operated, serving up grilled mackerel, Koebi No Karrage (deep-fried shrimp), tempura, katsu, and rolls of crispy salmon skin and plates of sashimi. The review? Glowing. "It's been absolutely delicious food and I think, maybe even beating the French into top spots," a diner says. Read the full review on A-Z Food's website.


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