Secrets For Surviving A Long Flight

As we've acknowledged many times before, flying the high skies can be super-stressful and downright uncomfortable. With longer flights, it gets no easier. A lot can go wrong, especially with so many people cramped into a small space for such a short amount of time. Sitting in an uncomfortable position for extended periods of time can be painful and also makes it hard to sleep. The further you are into your journey, the more likely you are to feel bored, anxious, exhausted, or just downright annoyed.

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Even if you're flying with the best airlines, there's only so much your flight crew can do for you. It's important, therefore, to sometimes take matters into your hands to ensure that you have the comforts and necessities you need to make a long flight more bearable. Hopefully, airplanes will have tons of new features in the future to address passenger concerns regarding space, comfort, food, and safety, but in the meantime, here are some secrets to surviving a long flight without disavowing the entire experience.