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10 Things You Should Never Do on Halloween

There are tons of things you should do on Halloween, such as trick-or-treating, handing out candy, wearing a spooky costume, and decorating your house. However, if you're going to do those things, there are a few things you should not do. Not doing these things keep your Halloween fun, safe, sweet, and spooktacular, as opposed to just plain frightening.

While some of these things feel like common sense, you might not realize that there are actually a few things you should not be doing. Of course, wearing an offensive costume is a no-no, but so is carrying a toy gun, or serving drinks with dry ice! Halloween is meant for having a ghoulishly good time, not for cultural appropriation and serious tummy aches.

You can be a goblin, a witch, a Power Ranger, or even Moana, but you should never be the house without candy, or even worse — the house that gives out healthy treats! Remember, egging your neighbor's house isn't funny and neither is trick-or-treating while tipsy. Those are only a few of the things you should never do on Halloween.

Give Out Healthy Treats

Kids are looking for candy! You'll be the most hated house on your street if you're giving out things like granola bars, apples, and rice cakes. We recommend handing out these sweet Halloween favorites.

Wear an Offensive Costume

Halloween is a great time to dress up, but it's never a time to be offensive to other cultural groups by donning racist or inappropriate costumes. If you think your costume might hurt someone's feelings or worse, don't wear it. It's that easy.

Carry a Toy Gun

It may go with your costume, but it's not worth risking your life. In the dark, a toy gun can look exactly like a real gun — even in the light, a toy gun can look exactly like a real gun. Don't carry one.

Tasteless Decorations

Don't use Halloween as an excuse to make your yard anything but pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. It's totally in poor taste to use your decorations for inappropriate jokes about bodily functions, sexual activity, or political opinions.

Scare Little Kids

While some people like to be spooked on this holiday, many little kids don't. Don't jump out at them or yell or wear any sort of costume that will cause them fright!

Not Have Candy

It's Halloween, so you have to be prepared for trick-or-treaters! If your doorbell continually gets rung for candy and you have none, you might as well turn off all your lights and hide. Any of these supermarkets should carry some!

Give Chocolate to Your Pet

Do not give chocolate or candy to your pet. We repeat, do not give chocolate or candy to your pet. It will make them very sick and they could even die. Do NOT give your pet chocolate or candy!

Serve Drinks With Dry Ice

Dry ice makes for a cool cauldron effect, but you might poison yourself and others if you consume any of the liquid nitrogen used to make the smoke! Try a smoky mezcal cocktail instead.

Trick-or-Treat Over the Age of 13

Once you're in high school, you should probably stop trick-or-treating. It's not a cute look and nobody is interested in giving free candy to someone who can get a job.

Trick-or-Treat Drunk

If you don't care about the age limit and you're going to trick-or-treat anyway, just don't do it while drunk. Stay home! Go to a party! Don't go door to door slurring your words and asking for something sweet. It's one of the rudest trick-or-treating mistakes you can make.

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