Summer Smoothie Roundup

Chill out this summer with a variety of healthy smoothie recipes

Bad Boys Smoothie

Summer is less than a month away and, as the heat continues to rise, so do the cravings for healthy, frozen treats. Smoothies are an excellent way to relax and cool down while enjoying your favorite fruits. With endless possibilities for smoothie recipes, there is sure to be one that perfectly fits your taste.

Whether you're looking for a smoothie that's flavorful, healthy, unique, or even grown-up with a twist of alcohol, one of the homemade recipes below will hopefully inspire you to get started today.

Looking for a milk-based smoothie to make a creamy warm-weather drink? There are smoothies with yogurt, ice cream, milk, and Greek yogurt, depending on your preference and recipe choice. And if creamy isn’t your style, there are recipes that can be made with sorbet, ice, and juice. Smoothies are great for healthy eating and can help you obtain the antioxidants and vitamins our diets sometimes lack, especially during hot, busy summers — antioxidant-packed options can be made with a long list of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, teas, and spices.

With summer quickly approaching, don’t be caught in the heat without a healthy, frozen treat.  


Banana Cinnamon Smoothie 

 A smoothie that packs a fruit flavor with almond milk, Greek yogurt, and a hint of cinnamon.






Mixed Better Breakfast Smoothie 

Power should be its name — this smoothie has Greek yogurt, fruit juice, and can be made with whey protein (vanilla works best).






Tea-Licious Smoothie

This smoothie is a low-calorie option made with different juices and peppermint tea to create a unique taste.






Cactus Pear Smoothie  

A refreshing smoothie that calls for ice, yogurt, and cactus pears, and can be spiked with alcohol for a twist.






Vodka Smoothie  

This smoothie is geared toward those who want an alcoholic kick along with a variety of fruit flavors to pack in the antioxidants and vitamins.





Ginger Berry Smoothie 

This smoothie contains ginger, which aids in digestion, and multiple antioxidant-filled berries.






Apple à la Mode

Those with a sweet tooth, get ready for a smoothie that lives up to its name. It's made with applesauce, spices, and yogurt.






Bad Boys Smoothie

Sorbet you say? Instead of the normal milk-base, this smoothie contains sorbet and antioxidant-packed boysenberries. 








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