This Woman Made A Gorgeous Dress Out Of Four Years-Worth Of Starburst Wrappers

Emily Seilhamer — an artist and an upcycler from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania — is turning heads in a new rainbow-colored dress that she designed herself. But this isn't just any regular colorful minidress: Seilhamer painstakingly constructed this design out of thousands of Starburst wrappers collected over the course of four years, with help from her husband and other friends and family. Perhaps she should get in touch with the woman who made a wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers?

The project began as a tribute to the night she met her husband, Malachi, who offered her a pack of Starburst. He kept gifting her with the candies, and then she thought of the idea of saving the wrappers to make this dress.

Seilhamer explains how she made the dress in a Facebook post:

"After enough were saved I organized them into colors, ironed them, folded them into links, and made candy wrapper chains," she said. "With the use of elastic thread, I was able to sew the links together into a "fabric" to create the dress.

But just because she finally has finished the dress doesn't mean Seilhamer will make it a regular part of her wardrobe:

"I wore it a couple of times out in public," she told Fox News. "It's not hard to get on, but it's not something I can like get in the car, and the heat and everything."