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Social Distancing: How to Make Your Barbecue Safer Amid Coronavirus

How to keep proper distance at summer gatherings
Evelien Doosje/Dreamstime

Planning your backyard barbecue this year is not as easy as in years past. You have to think a lot more in terms of safety because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus Etiquette: Face Masks, Working From Home and More

While each state is going to have different restrictions on social gatherings, most have permitted small get-togethers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests you still be 6 feet apart from people not in your household at all times for proper social distancing, and that includes at an outdoor barbecue. Yes, even when you’re outdoors, you should properly wear a mask. 

So what should you do about meals?

Dr. Geeta Bollam, doctor of family medicine with Loyola University Medical Center, suggested to The Daily Meal that people should limit seating and space it out. 

“Maybe if it’s an eight-person table or a six-person table, maybe put only three or four chairs at the table.”

This is a tactic many reopening restaurants have taken to creatively distance patrons at their establishments. But limiting seating isn’t the only thing you should do. 

"If possible, avoid picnic benches and things like that because it’s hard to social distance," Bollam said.


People who live together should also sit at the same table and avoid too much close contact with people outside of their household. 

If you are still choosing to social distance from members outside of your household, it doesn’t mean you will have to miss out on all the fun. Here are some great ways to have date night while still maintaining your distance.