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Coronavirus and Alcohol: How To Make a Summer Gathering Safer

The lemonade doesn’t have to be spiked
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In summers past, you may not have thought much of setting a cooler of beer or a pitcher of boozy punch out for the guests at your backyard barbecue. But this year, you might want to rethink how much alcohol you serve and consume in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Etiquette: Face Masks, Working From Home and More

While each state is going to have different restrictions on social gatherings, most have permitted small get-togethers. This might have you looking up hosting tips and hacks — however, one doctor’s suggestion is to skip the booze or at least tone down the offerings.

“When people drink at all, they might become a little less aware,” Dr. Geeta Bollam, doctor of family medicine with Loyola University Medical Center, told The Daily Meal. “So you might forget about that social distancing or wearing masks.” 

It’s important to remember to not let your guard down when starting to gather again after quarantine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests you still be 6 feet apart from people not in your household at all times for proper social distancing, and that includes at an outdoor barbecue. Yes, even when you’re outdoors you should properly wear a mask. 

When serving drinks, alcoholic or not, Bollam says it is also advisable to stick to disposable cups and single-serving beverages. No pitchers or punch bowls this year to avoid prolonged exposure to air that could carry coronavirus in respiratory droplets.  

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