These Are The Top 10 Food-Related Emojis That People Can't Stop Using

Since the Oxford English Dictionary has declared an emoji as the annual "Word of the Year," it stands to reason that we must (begrudgingly) accept these little yellow cartoons as a prominent form of communication. According to the United States of Emoji report (yes, that's a real thing), we particularly enjoy texting about food.

Earlier this year, we revealed the top food-related emoji by state. Now, the report has released data on the most-used food emoji nationwide. Since the taco and burrito emojis were not available until recently, we imagine that's why they did not make the cut. So without further ado, here are our favorite edible, digital hieroglyphics.

#10 Lollipop

#9 Strawberry

#8 Ice cream


#6 Hamburger

#5 Slice of cake

#4 Cherries

#3 Poultry leg

#2 Coffee

#1 Pizza

Did your favorite emoji make the list? Let us know! And don't forget to use those thumbs to tweet about turkey legs next week.