These Are The Bizarre Eating Habits Of 8 Of The World's Richest Billionaires

We've always wondered how the other half lives, but what about the eating habits of the one percent?Although we might like to think so, the wealthiest people on Earth don't just sit around eating gold flake-encrusted caviar and white truffles by the dozen, though perhaps Champagne and caviar is on the menu every once in a while.

We're sure that Warren Buffet or Bill Gates could drop $2,000 at Masa or The Fat Duck without blinking an eye, but surprisingly, the regular meals of the world's business tycoons and fortune heirs and heiresses look similar to yours and mine. They have their own habits, quirks, and food addictions. In fact, between Oprah's potato obsession and Warren Buffet's vow to eat ice cream for breakfast every morning, our minor Starbucks addiction looks normal by comparison.

Read on to learn about the offbeat, quirky, or downright bizarre eating habits of eight of the world's wealthiest people.