This Seamless GIF Of A Cake Being Expertly Frosted Will Make You Feel A Deep Inner Peace

As we eagerly await the weekend, which is just hours away, take a few moments out of your work day to sit back in your office chair and delight in this beautiful and satisfying GIF of a cake being masterfully frosted and decorated.

There's a sort of hypnotic appeal to the ease with which the cake decorator moves swiftly through each step, adding layers and layers of detail until a pile of white froth becomes an elaborate dessert.

If someone walks by your desk and accuses you of being too distracted by this GIF to work, turn your computer screen toward them and let the magic overtake them, too.

If this GIF compels you to try out your own decorating skills, we wish you the best of luck, and do not recommend that you incorporate a hot flame on your first try, like this overachiever.

Also, try not to get carpal tunnel from all that cake-spinning.