Michelle Obama Chooses New State Tableware With Elements Of 'Kailua Blue,' Inspired By Hawaii

In a new video from the White House that feels like a behind-the-scenes look at Downtown Abbey, you can "catch up" with White House curator Bill Allman and check out the fancy new china service selected by Michelle Obama, featuring 11-piece place settings for 320 guests.

The First Lady opted for a calm blue color inspired by the waters of Hawaii called "Kailua Blue." President Obama, who sees the set for the first time in the video, seems pretty pleased with his wife's choice and appreciates the chance to "get a little Hawaii in here."

Here's the White House's official description of the Obama State China Service:

"A fluted band of the Kailua Blue color, framed by a textured gold rim and a simple gilt inner line, appears on all pieces of the service except the service and dinner plates. A similar fluted band of color – in a matt gold finish – was selected for the wide rim of the large service plate. This plate is related to the gold-rimmed service plates acquired in 1955 by the Eisenhowers, to supplement the 1951 Truman state service, and the service plates in the 2000 White House Bicentennial service, now referred to as the Clinton state service. For the gilt-edged white dinner plate, an early historical precedent was selected."

The new service will be used for the first time on Tuesday, April 28, for the Japan State Dinner.