'Man V. Food' Is Returning Without Adam Richman And The Internet Is Furious

Remember the joy of watching Adam Richman plow into a spicy, saucy burger twice the size of his head on the Travel Channel? Man v. Food may have been canceled in 2012 because Richman feared he was ruining his heart and health by overeating in every episode, but its fans are still loyal to the charming food star. Nevertheless, Man v. Food will return to Travel Channel this August with a new host: "food lover, actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb."

"Man v. Food is a true pop culture phenomenon that has inspired more than 1,000 new restaurant eating challenges in the last several years," Courtney White, senior vice president of programming and development at the Travel Channel, said in a statement. "Travel Channel couldn't resist getting back on the road, visiting cities across the United States, where our 'Man' will take on new unbelievable foods and flavors."

Adam Richman isn't too far away: He hosts Adam Richman's Fandemonium, also on the Travel Channel. His show Man Finds Food was put on hold after a meltdown on social media in 2014. But fans are super angry that the show that made Richman famous is returning without their favorite host and are calling for a petition to bring him back.